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Lynn’s Favorite 80’s Rock Star’s Visit to T-Land

Posted on: December 27, 2004

So I’m a bit behind on my entries, but I’ve been really busy this past week. I just had my graduation on Sunday (the 26th), but will be blogging about my favorite 80’s Rock Star‘s visit to BKK first. I’ll get to the graduation entry in a few days. Hope y’all had a rockin’ Christmas! But anyways, without further ado, I will begin my entry on…

Lynn’s Favorite 80’s Rock Star’s Visit to T-Land

Ton, Gug, me, Siri, P’Geng.
Ton, an old RISian from the Class of ’97, came jetting into town.
Hoping some of his uber cool rock starness would rub onto us, we invited him to lunch at Crepes & Co., the first and only Creperie in Thailand.
We shared a variety of dishes that day – French, Greek and Mediterranean – but it was my first time trying a Moroccan dish!
I cannot rave about this place enough – the atmosphere was gorgeous and there was a lovely tropical/Mediterranean ambience both inside and out.
Oh, and the food was pretty good too.
(Arai wa. Why the hell are all my entries always about food?!)

Gug, Mr. 80’s Rock Star, Siri
Absolutely smitten with our last visit to Summer Chocolate House, we later hopped into P’Geng’s car and headed for Sukhumvit Soi 39.

But while at Summer Chocolate House,
we ended up running into a real rock star (Parn Thanaporn).
Gug and Siri told me take a picture of her, and Ton even stood up and grabbed the disco ball so I could pretend to take a pic of him when really I would be taking a pic of Parn Thanaporn, who was sitting behind him eating with some cute Thai soap opera star.
But in the end I chickened out, so you’ll all have to settle with a pic of Ton hugging that disco ball Gug’s obsessed with.

Siri, Gug, me


We tried the macaroons and found them to be perfectly baked.
Hard and crunchy on the outside, chewy and soft on the inside.

What can I say?
We just couldn’t get enough of that chocolate fondue

While we were there, we noticed a couple of ferraris
driving into the restaurant’s premises.
“Wow, some hotshot must be hosting a party here,” we all thought.
Little did we know…

They were hosting a frickin Ferrari party!
Now how insanely cool is that?

There were lots of Ferraris.

And I mean lots and LOTS of Ferraris.

So we casually browsed and looked around,
trying to look painfully nonchalant,
like we’re so used to seeing 20 Ferraris every single day.


Before leaving, Gug just had to snap one last pic of that stupid disco ball.
Are you happy now, Guggy Monster?!

We later swung by Soi Tonglor to pay our favorite Caroppi frog a visit.
Caro’s visiting from London for a bout a month and a half,
and we were so happy to see her again.
We missed her sooo much!

Because my stupid camera is infamously demented,
this pic of me and my lovely husbands came out looking like crap.

OK, much better.

Later, we headed to Central World Plaza for a quick Japanese dinner (yes, we eat non-stop all day because we’re gluttonous pigs, we are) at Fuji’s before heading up to Major Cineplex to watch The Incredibles. At first we’d planned on watching Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason, but after much thought, we girls decided not to, as we pitied poor P’Geng who’d already had to endure very large doses of Estrogen that entire day. We figured 2 hours of very chick-flicky BJ2 would really do him in, hehe.

Anyways, The Incredibles! Hah! I loved that film! We laughed louder than everyone else in the theater and probably pissed everyone off, but it was a funny movie, dammit. But in case anyone who was in that theater that night happens to stumble across this, we’re sorry Siri ruined the suspense when she accidentally shouted out the password (KRONOS) in the middle of the movie when Mr. Incredible was trying to figure out the password to Syndrome’s computer system. She was really sorry. I can attest to that because even though it was dimly lit in the theater, I saw her turn an attractive shade of fire-engine red. Lovely.

Also, we’re really sorry when, after the movie, as we were all squeezing and cramming into the elevator and Gug said, “I’m all squished”, and Lynn replied, “Too bad you’re not Elastigirl,” and began laughing like a loon at her own very corny remark. We’re really sorry. Really, we are.

In other news, my heart goes out to all the people who were affected by Sunday’s Tsunami disaster in the south of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar. I thankfully don’t have any relatives living in the southern parts of Thailand, but my dad’s French business partner, who was visiting Phuket for the holidays, has since gone missing. No one has been able to contact him as of yet, but we’re all praying he’s safe.

Also, this morning the nation was alerted that HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s grandson, Poom Jensen, died in the disaster while staying at Le Flora resort in Phang-Nga. The King’s granddaughter, Ploypailin Jensen, is still missing, but everyone’s praying that she and the thousands of other missing people are safe. Despite the horrible tragedy that has struck the nation, it’s really heartening to see Thais all over the country coming together and sending aid to their fellow brothers and sisters in the south.

Whether or not you believe in the power of prayer, please don’t forget to think about those whose lives have been affected by this tragic disaster.

Currently Playing: China Girl by David Bowie. (Sorry Ton, but David Bowie’s thee bonafide 80’s rockstar.)
Currently Reading: The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

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