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I Dare You Not to Laugh

Posted on: April 20, 2005

Check this out, and while you do, I DARE YOU NOT TO LAUGH.

By the way, you might not want to click on the above link if you’re at work or in a public place.

Anyway, in other news, check out the newest member of the family (after the jump). She’s over in Houston, so I have yet to meet her, but will you take a look at that pic? How awesome is she? No, she’s not picking her nose, but damn, does she do a fantastic Mini-Me/Doc Evil impersonation or what?

“Hi, I’m Baby Natalie! Mini-Me and me, we close like diz!”
Congratulations P’Ju & Phido. :)

11 Responses to "I Dare You Not to Laugh"

hahaha, a good link for some laughs

I hope you will continue to participate with us xangans in some capacity.

Sorry to see you go…

two posts in two days!?! returning to old form, eh? cheers!

wow lynn, i do like blogger actually. i think their current templates are very clean. thanks for your comment for ermm quite a while ago. =) appreciate it!

blessed be,

That link was hilarious. But, that’s also a good example of why I avoid the camera.

No fair, babies get away with everything.

Back to work. :(

wow…you moved? i hope i’ll still get to hear from you every once in a while though. ^_~

You have cousins in Houston?’s only 2 1/2 hours from where I live.

Oh I almost forgot. You went to RIS? I think people who went to EIS back then were people who couldn’t afford RIS. hehe…


the mini me double is looking so adorable, perhaps some day she will take over the world with her cuteness! :D

I like your new blog. (and it does load a lot faster than the xanga one, plus now it wont freeze anymore, when commenting ;-))

that was great. the special olympics and the breakdancing were my favorite.

GIRL! That picture’s so cute… I see you changed your blog again!!! Grrr… now I have to change my link on you AGAIN! hahaha.. anyway, how are you?

hehehe the baby looks so cute!!! hope u are well na…take care ja

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