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The (Hot!) Phantom of the Opera

Posted on: April 27, 2005

This entry’s a little late, especially since I saw The (Hot!) Phantom of the Opera way back in February (um, three times). But I thought I’d dedicate this here post to him the film since I just purchased a *cough*bootleg*cough* copy from my favorite CD vendor along Silom Road before the Songkran holiday. And before you run off to alert the authorities, I’ll have you know that I do intend to buy the DVD when it comes out. It’s just that, well, patience was never really my strongest forte.

I first heard about The Phantom of the Opera when I was in 4th grade. My teacher, Ms. Miller, was an INSANE POTO fan. She made us listen to a song off the London West End version of POTO every single frickin morning. Some days it was Music of the Night, which was good for lulling us to sleep. Other days it was The Point of No Return, which was pretty scandalous in itself considering we were just a bunch of 9-year-old kids listening to lyrics like, What raging fire shall flood the soul? What rich desire unlocks its door? What sweet seduction lies before us? (“What’s seduction, Ms. Miller?”); and, In my mind I’ve already imagined our bodies entwining defenceless and silent (“What’s entwining, Ms. Miller? How can I make my body entwine?”). And everyday sweet Ms. Miller — bless her heart — would swoon in her chair and tell us for the umpteenth time about the Phantom and how so very sad it was that he was condemned to live out the rest of his days alone and heartbroken in the basement of the Opera Populaire, and how it was all that black-hearted Christine Daae’s fault. Yawn, we all said, but if it meant shorter math lessons, then great! Crank up the volume! Bring on the Andrew Lloyd Webber masterpieces!

The most fun song for me, however, was the movie’s theme song. I mean, how laughingly 80’s can you possibly get? It was perfect. There were the electric guitars, syncopated percussions, pipe organs, and everything. The only thing that was missing was the big hair, shoulder pads, and Meatloaf. The 2004 movie version is even greater, because guess what? They’ve got hand claps! (“In sleep he sang to me” — clap, clap! — “In dreams he came” — clap, clap!) Makes me laugh like a loon. By the time the “sing, my angel of music — SING!” part comes along, I’m usually in tears.

Anyways, without further ado, I shall present to you…

The Phantom of the Opera!

Like all great men, our dear Phantom friend here has his flaws, namely his, um, slight anger management issues.

OK, serious anger management issues.

And maybe his behavior can veer on the disturbingly obsessive, what with all those dolls he likes to stock up on… not to mention that really creepy life-sized Christine-in-her-Wedding-Dress doll.

And alright, maybe he can get a tad bit stalkerish at times, peeking in on you when you’re sleeping, dressing, bathing, etc…

But hello, if Gerard Butler, er, I mean, the 2004 movie version of the Phantom wants to drag me down to his basement and keep me captive…

…then hey, I’m all for that!

I thought the movie was awesome. Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for musicals, period films, and Scottish guys in general (read: Ewan McGregor, Dougray Scott, Clive Owen), but honestly, I think Joel Schumacher did a great job in translating the stage version to film. As for the cast, beautiful Emmy Rossum has a gorgeous voice and did a fine job as Christine; Minnie Driver was plain BRILLIANT (think Mariah Carey as a 19th century diva — oh wait, that’s actually not so hard, is it?); Patrick Wilson was great, though I really don’t get why he looked like a cross between Fabio and my Hanson boys circa 1997; and Gerard Butler was… well, I think you already know what I think about him! ;)

Of course there were a few slips. Like, why were there American and English accents flying all over the place when this was supposed to have taken place in 19th century PARIS, FRANCE? Also, does anyone else also think that Christine has some serious daddy issues? I know she’s supposed to be sweet, naive and all that good sugar and spice stuff, but really, I just wanted to shake her during the graveyard scene. Hello, that is so not your dad! Your dad doesn’t have a huge radiation burn on the side of his face, nor does he go around gallivanting in a big black cape!

Still, great film all around. And no, I did not cry at the end when the Phantom sits all alone in his big batcave with the little monkey music box and sings to himself, “Christine, I loooOOooove you.” Not out loud, anyway.

Currently Playing: Black Balloon By Goo Goo Dolls (Johnny Rzeznik, be mine)
Currently Reading: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time By Mark Haddon (Since Mark Haddon lives in Oxford, Aparna ran into him once while she was studying there. I asked her, “So what other famous people hail from Oxford?” She said, “Mr. Bean. I saw him cruising in his red-hot convertable once, which was kind of weird.” I agree, Mr. Bean and convertables just don’t mix.)

26 Responses to "The (Hot!) Phantom of the Opera"

bet you would give anythin to come to london to catch it live in a theatre

Girl, is it really that good? I didn’t watch it because my friends here said that it was corny. Anyway, since you say it was good, then I’ll wait for it to come to DVD then (since it has come and gone in the theaters). hahaha. Anyway, how are you?

Habitual: I sure would. :)

Mama Goose: I personally loved it! Some die-hard fans of the stage version might not, though. My cousin, who’s a big fan of Michael Crawford, hated Gerard Butler as the Phantom. I almost didn’t talk to her for a whole day b/c of that. Hmph. Anyway, I owe you a long-ass email! Gonna go get to it right now. ;)

oops this is EECHIM (above)

i meant to say hi, i forgot you were here…

Another Phantom fan! :) Now I don’t feel that out of place! I didn’t get to see the movie because I want to preserve my memory when seeing it live in the theatre as it is.

Well, I’ve been to Phantom the musical THREE TIMES also, Lynn. So I guess we are equal! I’ve been to the one in West End, Broadway, and when the Broadway cast had a show in San Francisco. And I don’t understand why I could cry every time I went!

So I guess that’s one reason I don’t want to see the movie right here in town or else I risk being laughed at by someone I knew!

My favorite score was Music of the Night. Music aside, I think the lyric is brilliant!

So you’re one romantic gal all right! Can’t wait to read your “Chick Lit”!

By the way, Lynn, if you are in town this weekend, feel free to bring along your friends to this charity event for kids! :)

See details here.

I will wait for the DVD also…

Ey!! Hot Momma! Where ma e-mail?!?!?!? Hahahaha.

you made it sound very good. i like muscial/opera’s, i have seen Mozart a zillion times and its great. I trust your taste. i’ll go and take a look in a dvd shop :D

Omg Lynn! haha Why couldn’t we have seen that movie together?! I saw it in the theatre when it was out over here and had the exact same thoughts lol but I loved it!

Yes sooo 80s cheezbally sometimes with that music. I realllly loved the duet “All I Ask Of You” though and the creepy reprise where the Phantom bursts out.

And I noticed the British accents in FRANCE too haha. lol Yes you’re right too, the ending with the batcave and monkey totally made me want to giggle more than cry.

If you’d like that duet let me know! I’ll email it to you :)


wow so its really that good huh?? id really like to see it but im not one for musicals after seeing Les Mis and Death of Salesman i swore off musicals and plays at least for the time being… although Les Mis wasnt so bad, only a few annoying characters that ruin it all for me. anywho… maybe ill have to check this one out since ive always wanted to see it anyway.


Hey. Have you watch Delovely? it’s a great musical/movie with lots of great singers. But, just like Phantom, it has a sad ending. BUt it’s worth watching. the songs are really nice. I like it a lot better than Phantom (the movie). BTW, they are showing the Sound of Music in Singapore :)

I pig my buuggers

Nash: I was still in Korat during the weekend, so I was unable to make it. So sorry! Will they be having another event like that in the near future?

Mama Goose: Check your email ja!

Poeh: I’m sure you’re going to love it. :) If you don’t, however, blame it on Gerard Butler. My brain tends to turn to mush whenever he appears on screen.

Pam: Ahhh, we should’ve watched it together! Someday. We’ll watch the Broadway version of the POTO play and sing the Frenchglish version of All Je Ask de Vous (ha! I’m so good at it I scare myself sometimes) before heading on over to NBC studios to check out Conan’s (head). That would be an awesome day, me thinks. :D

May: I’ve never seen the musical version of Les Mis or Death of a Salesman. I do remember reading Death of a Salesman back in 10th grade…and I remember how it almost translated into Death of a Teenage Sophomore. Nearly killed me. =X

Maria: I’ve never seen Delovely, but I checked it out on the net and it sounds “lovely”! :) I’d definitely love to check it out someday. You’re so lucky they’re showing the Sound of Music over in Singapore. I wish they’d have more interesting musicals here in BKK!

I’ve watched Oliver Twist here in Singapore a while back. Another great, great musical. The scene change is fantastic and the kids are great… No chance to see the Sound of Music though. Clashes with my exams :(

everyone i talked to here said it was horrible and boring. hehe WAY too many remakes out lately though. its like the writers of hollywood have lost their writing skills (perfect time for you to take over ;) )

i’ve decided that there is little going to stop me from FINALLY making it back to thailand either this december or next summer. i’ve GOT to get back. *sigh* go to my page for a sappy song while you think about the phantom. hehe

heya lynn…gosh i haven’t seen the phantom of the opera in 7 years. it is still one of the best musical in london but my all time favourite has to be miss saigon.

i was really put off by the movie version of the phantom…i really dislike the director: joel schumacher…he nearly ruined the batman franchise.

anyway i hope your book is coming along smoothly…talk to u soon.

haha, hot huh?

lynn, just wanted to let ya know, u’re getting more and more famous with your writing! :-D

Ah, I have yet to watch the POTO, but everyone seems to love it. Haha you’re so funny with your boy crushes.. well, we all have ours. Man, I wish I lived in Oxford…. I liked that book btw.. and I love mr. bean! I used to watch his show here when they’d show it on PBS. But yea.. he should be in that tiny, cramped car… not a convertible.

lynn, a conveyancer is a legal assistant that deals specifically with real estate law, so a conveyancer deals with the real estate agent, the clients and the lawyer and takes care of all the documents that are needed to be filed with the land title registry.

lynn dear, u definitely HAVE to catch the musical!!! it beats all! and hmm…u owe me an email!!!

Hey! Lynn! You’re playing that disappearing game of your again! Where are you??!?!?!?!?!?

I had also enjoyed that movie. I thought it was beautiful!

Hi Lynn! I didnt realize you moved blogs again.

Hi Lynn,

Wanted to drop by to say hi. Being the stupid and careless person I am..I got to see your xanga msg on August 17, 2003 only today! ;-( Hope everything is great with you na~

– Tran

Hey, im just some nobody in love with a totally hot phantom somebody…just wanting to say how much i like your site…so…i like your site…very much!
ok then…
c ya!

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