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Posted on: December 20, 2005

So. I’m back.

And guess what?


Oh, and I totally didn’t study. But that’s pretty much a given. I mean, I don’t know about you, but how the hell can you muster up any kind of excitement for the medulla oblongata when everywhere you look there is nothing but DAZZLING OCEAN and STUNNING SUN around to tempt you????


I have to go and cram my ass off now. And whimper. And cry. And scream, “I hate you Medulla Oblongata, I hate you!!!”

Looks like no sleep for me tonight. Or tomorrow. Or the day after. Or…

Anyway, hope everyone has a great week.

I know I won’t. :(


P.S. More Phuket pics (like, um, nearly two hundred) — not to mention the audio clip of our haunted hotel room and the video clip of the transvestites who tried to get me and my brother to watch their nudie show — after the madness that is midterms is over.

7 Responses to "Sigh"

Glad you had a fun time.
You have definately peaked my curiosity with the haunted hotel room audioclip and the Trannie video!

(the word below is loevedub, hmm)

hey lynn it has been a while…it’s great to hear u had a great time in phuket. i really wanted to go there sometimes soon but have been totally busy with the new job. i’m sure u can catch up with your studies and do well in your exams.

But I thought you liked the medulla oblongata?

And the stunning sun is no good for, as my friend would put it, “maintaining pasty whiteness.”

Anyways, glad you enjoyed your trip, and good luck with your exams. Hurry up and finish them so we can all see the pics!

realllly? should hv booked the free tix to phuket instead of chiengmai in march.

when is the peak season anyway? was it packed there?

looking forward to the pics and of course the clip of the transvestites trying to lure you of all people into a nudie bar. :D

I’ll pass the pics on the transvestites – I’ve had enough personal run ins with them.

– Bo

I definitely don’t miss my university days, but thankfully no medulla’s for me. It was all about thermal currents and long shore drift.

Good luck with the midterms and HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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