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All Over the Place

Posted on: January 12, 2006

My mind has been all over the place today, so this will probably be one of my most random and disjointed posts ever.

  • Maybe it was because of post-midterm madness, but two weeks ago I went and wreaked havoc on my hair — I hacked seven inches off and permed it. Crazy, I know. It’s gonna be a while before I look like this again, because I now look like this. You can’t really see the waves (sorry for the crap cell phone shot; my parents took the cam with them to Shanghai), but I’ll get a better shot when I get my camera back. I’m still trying to figure out whether I like it or hate it…I do know that I love waking up in the morning and not having to run a brush through my hair. I can literally hop out of bed and give my head a little shake and be all set to go. Plus, straight hair got boring after twenty-three years. I’ve always been envious of wavy-locked girls (I’m talking about you, Swita Tweeta). So far everyone’s said they love it, except for my brother, who insists I look like I’m channeling a FOB from the eighties.
  • One day, when I’m a dentist (supposing I don’t flunk out of dental school first), I’d love more than anything else to volunteer for this.
  • While waiting for my brother at his school today, I saw these two kids sharing a bike ride in front of the teachers’ townhouses. It immediately made me think of darling Jeab and Noi-Nah in that one scene from the ever charming Fan Chan. Granted these kids were blond and British and looked nothing like Jeab and Noi-Nah, but still, the moment was like cuteness personified. I’m only sorry I didn’t have my camera at hand.
  • Does my cousin Kym have the most badass dog ever, or what? I tell you, he’s even ten times more studly in real life; all the ladies think he’s hot stuff, including yours truly. :) (Gakked from Kym’s hi5 page — thanks, tee rak)
  • Do yourself a favor and read A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. Please don’t let the YA classification fool you; I don’t care if you’re sixteen or sixty, this book is one of the most chilling and beautifully written gothics I’ve ever read. I’m only sorry I didn’t read this earlier. I have to seriously find a way to get my ass to Kinokuniya this week for the sequel, Rebel Angels. Speaking of, have you SEEN the size of the new Kino’s at Siam Paragon? IT’S EFFING INSANE. They sure as hell weren’t kidding when they said it was the biggest bookstore in Thailand. I don’t know if it’s quite as large as the Borders in Singapore, but I nearly swooned when I saw it. Then I proceeded to spend three hours there, leaving much later with eleven books in hand. The really sad thing is that I’ve already finished nine of them and hardly two weeks have gone by. I’d love to restock again sometime soon, but my wallet is still recuperating…
  • Will Major Cineplex please play Pride and Prejudice, already? It’s January — where’s Mr. Darcy? We want us some Mr. Darcy!
  • I managed to get my greedy little hands on Lee Hom Wang‘s new album, Heroes of Earth (listen here), during the new year holiday, and now I can’t get Zai Mei Bian, Hua Tian Cuo, and Wan Mei De Hu Dong out of my head. I don’t understand a word he’s saying — with the exception of wo, ai, and ni — but I sing along anyway, because DAMN if these songs aren’t infectious. Plus, the way Lee Hom has managed to incorporate influences from classic Chinese opera with hip hop is pretty damn brilliant (the erhu in Hua Tian Cuo is so pretty!). In fact, as much as it saddens me, I just may have to fight Khun Pam for him, which may pose a bit of a problem, he being her husband and all. ;P
  • Congrats again to Baba and Him! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple. :)
  • Went to watch The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Loved it, but I couldn’t help but make comparisons to the LOTR trilogy the entire time. Still, it was a joy to watch my favorite Narnia book come to life on-screen. I was especially taken by the kids who played Lucy and Edmund. Also watched King Kong, which was fun…but — and I’m probably going to get pummeled for this — I really don’t get why everyone’s making a huge fuss over a movie about a big ape.
  • And finally, Friendster, MySpace, and Hi5 are no longer safe. There are some sick, sick people out there. NO, I will not be your tour guide during your visit to Thailand, taking you to all four corners of the country in exchange “4 a good time *wink wink*.” NO, I do not want to see naked webcam pictures of you, especially when they involve you doing suspect things with the contents of your refrigerator. NO, I do not want to meet you when you come to Bangkok next month, even if you’re “a really good guy who’s sweet, caring, and nice and likes watching You’ve Got Mail, Two Week’s Notice, and Kate and Leopold (news flash: I loathe You’ve Got Mail, Two Week’s Notice, and Kate and Leopold. Oh, and if I want sweet and nice, I’ll get me some Godivas). NO, I do not want to read your really, really bad poetry about pens, flies, and windowpanes, which was admittedly kind of funny (and not in a flattering way) at first, but now…is not. NO, I do not want to be redeemed and converted into a Baptist/Methodist/Evangelist to save my evil, Buddhist soul (news flash: just because I live in Thailand doesn’t automatically make me a Buddhist, OK? And just because you’re Buddhist, doesn’t mean you’re automatically evil, OK? OK!). AND NO, NO, NO I DO NOT WANT TO MARRY YOU FOR A PASSPORT INTO YOUR F*CKING COUNTRY! I’ve got my own f*cking passport!!!!!!!

    Sorry for whining and whinging, but I really had to get that off my chest.

    Currently Reading: House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III. Again.

    Currently Playing: The Best of Hanson Live and Electric. Listen to this, and I dare you to call them bubblegum pop and make one single MMMBop joke. And…

    Could it be? My all-time favorite band covering a U2 song? Oh, be still my beating heart! Listen to that boy sing, will you? Golden Boy Taylor is spot on here and sings this song with his whole heart and soul…the very reason I fell in love with them in the first place all those years ago (has it really been nine years????). Oh, and I’ve come to a conclusion. Please don’t laugh, but I think they’ve been spying on me all along. Seriously. I mean, c’mon, think about it. Haven’t I blogged only ten million times in the past three years that Hanson are my favorite band ever and that I adore Bono like nothing else? Haven’t I? And what have they gone and done? Cover U2’s In a Little While. Amazing, huh? So, now do you believe me? Now do you see that THEY’VE BEEN SPYING ON ME ALL ALONG?

  • 20 Responses to "All Over the Place"

    Lynn, I dunno what she was like in HS, but at Bates, Swita developed a passion for flat irons. :)

    And I always went green with envy at babes with stick-straight cascading jet-black hair (ie YOU Lynn) !!! In RIS, during morning assemblies, I would be standing behind a row of gals with straight hair and think “why me, why do i have to look like frizz monsta??” Thus the flat irons Katie alludes to. KINOKUNIYA’s HUGE BOOKSTORE!!! Arugh!! That makes me really happy. Except I dont have any more space for books. Seriously Lynn, you must have about seven bookshelves in your room. The same as the amount of closets I have (not). AND tell those Friendster/Hi5/MySpace guys to get a life. Go take their Thai fetish somewhere else. That sh*t IS bananas!!! It’s not your fault you totally look gorgeous in your pics :)

    I think your new hair looks great! :) :) :) and by the way… younger brother’s opinions on hair don’t count! So, you can safely say so far everyone’s loving your new hairdo. :)

    And now i cannot wait to go back to try out the siam paragon!!!! from all i’ve heard, it’s awesome~

    Katie: She should’ve left the flat irons alone!! Luscious wavy locks are totally in now (at least here in Asia they are).

    “I dunno what she was like in HS” Tweet: Believe me, straight hair gets really boring after twenty-three years, especially since it does nothing but HANG there. Not the case with luscious wavy locks! And yeah, those friendster/myspace/hi5 freaks ARE bananas. Believe me, if you set your profile location as Thailand, you’d be getting loads of weird ass messages from Thai Fetish Freaks, too. They need to seriously come with a warning…maybe a tattoo on their forehead that says, “CAUTION: Thai Fetish Sufferer.”

    Noi jaaa, we can go to Siam Paragon together the next time you’re here. We can get lost together! That place is so huge, my friend and I got lost the first time we went there. It was so embarrassing; we spent forty minutes trying to hunt down his car…

    big black african monkey not only gets kidnapped and taken across the ocean in chains until finally landing in america where he is stripped of his dignity and used for the financial gain of his white captor, BUT… he gets some tender loving from a white chick.

    you’re right. small fuss is okay by me, too. =)

    Hey, thanks for the wishes and comments on our blogs :)

    Your hair looks good. When people say “perm” I think everyone thinks the worst. I mean, I had *my*( hair permed in ’90, when it was half way down my back :)

    King king? Movie about a kidnappee who developes stockholm syndrome isnt it? :)

    I did, of course, mean King Kong :)

    lynn, since u entered dental school..there hv been quite some err, makover huh? haha! each’s interesting tho.

    wanna catch oliver twist and broken flowers. is it showing there yet? NO? i may be moving to bkk soon…i need films!!

    Mati: Well, okay, when you put it that way…

    Thanks, Him. You permed your hair once??? Man, now that I gotta see. :D It must’ve been perfect for head-banging, huh?

    Keatix: Aw, all I did was change my hair!! And Oliver Twist’s here, but I’m not so sure about Broken Flowers…

    As long as you don’t channel monstrous Aquanetted hair bear bangs from the 80s, all is fine.

    Some of my med school classmates participated in O. Smile, and they said it was a really good experience, so I hope you have the chance to do so too.

    As far as the internet stalkers go…well… not withstanding the attendant shorter lifespan, I’ve got to give a big shout out to my Y chromosome – nonfunctional sprig of DNA though you may be, you’re the best. It’s really a shame, though, for you to have to deal with all of that. The only advice I can think of involves pointed insults and select cover stories from Thai Rath, so I guess I should refrain.

    this website is starting to scare me

    Oh my GOD!!!! Are you serious about the book store?? I visited the Borders in Singapore when I was there and it was heaven! Unfortunately I was there with someone who I don’t think has read a book in her life so was forced to cut short my desired visit. You’ve given me a reason to finally go to Siam Paragon (it’s so close to where I live but I’ve resisted up until now – maybe I can go there to escape the concert next to my building courtesy of childrens day tomorrow!).

    I thank you!

    PS Ok… I get the message. I’ll stop sending you messages on Friendster :P

    Have you read Sophie Kinsella’s Can You Keep a Secret??? It’s sooo awesome! I’m only assuming u did since you’re such a big Becky Bloomwood fan, as I too am :) I love Emma Corrigan just as much! Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to reading the last 8 pages because the damn plane landed… so dont tell me the ending yet!!! :)

    I just added that book to my audible account. I’ll admit the YA thing is a tad scary but I believe I read The Time Traveler’s Wife from a review you wrote so I’m sure this one is good too.

    King Kong wasn’t all that good. Just ok. Do they have the Kong size Whopper in Thailand? JK, I don’t eat there anyways.

    You mentioned the best U2 cover. My favorite is OAR doing Sunday Bloody Sunday. Its soo good and on a really good album as well.

    Hey… are you enjoying the House of Sand and Fog? Right now I’m reading the Bookseller of Kabul, if you haven’t read it I think you’ll enjoy it. Anyhoo… can’t get over that dog… those playboy wrist bands just kind of tie up the whole look don’t they?

    haha…new hair…I can totally relate to that. I just chopped about 5 inches off and got bangs. I supposedly look younger though. (was mistaken for a highschool student). I know this sounds weird, but I wish they would card me at the movie theatre.

    Hope your midterms went well. =)

    the weridos on friendster, hi5, and myspace are great, espicially when they message me. just put meaner pictures up to scare them off.



    is that pic b4 or after the hair stuffs? come back to xanga :-p hope all is well. gl with classes and happy new yr!


    lynn, random question but, being a new reader and all, i’ve always wanted to ask where you got the term ‘brain farts’ from? did you think it up yourself? totally appropriate for this entry by the way … your mind really DOES go all over the place. yet it’s always so much fun to read about the random stuff you observe!

    gonna be a while before i get to go back and check out the Kino at Siam Paragon. the one thing i always complained about while studying in BKK was how difficult it was to get good english books in thailand. last summer i took a trip to the US and visited Barnes & Nobles there … heaven on earth, i can tell ya. lost myself for hours and my friends had to come drag me out kicking and screaming.

    love the new hair …

    Me thinks the old style (straight) suits you better.

    The perm makes you look more matured, if that’s what you’re after. :oP–>

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