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Calling All Asian-Americans

Posted on: February 10, 2006

“We come all the way from the far country China and we born you here in America just so you can get B plus?”

Regardless of motherland — whether it be China, Vietnam, Japan, India or Korea — you have GOT to check this out. I laughed so hard I cried…even after the tenth viewing. When I showed it to my dad, he said, after wiping away his tears and clutching his abdomen as he was laughing so hard, “Someone needs to give these kids their own TV show. Oh, and sorry if your mom and I ever did that to you when you were a kid. We couldn’t help it; our parents were Chinese too, you know.”

Anyway, without further ado…

If you want to watch the great pains poor Erick Tsai has to go through to bring his B plus up to an A, watch the entire clip, and I dare you not to laugh during the Macbeth rap. Seriously, these kids should be paid for being this funny.

Oh, and for some more Asian fun, here’s a funny clip of China’s Back Dormitory Boys (after the jump).

Guess what? They’re famous! So, YAY for the motherland!!!

Or, in my case, the grandmotherland, I guess.

14 Responses to "Calling All Asian-Americans"


it’s good to see you blogging on a more regular basis. does this mean things have calmed down a little at school?

Hey, Pan. Normally we have exams like every other week (sometimes every week, which is when things get a little crazy), but my next one isn’t until the 23rd. Practically next year, if you think about it. ;)

Wow…the first clip…it’s like deja vu. :P

I watched the whole thing..LOL
I was kinda like these kids growing up, making a ton of home movies. If any of that ever hits the internet I’m in trouble. I love stuff like this.
The Phat shirt was key.

The two Chinese boys with the Yao shirts on in the second video is a great one. Very well done. The guy in the background is awesome.

Grandfatherland? Your parents grow up in the States/Thailand? I know you lived here for quite awhile.

Hey hey, check out this one alright?
It’s another one of those funny vdos. I particularly like the Asian couple- where the guy helped translate the word ” Say cheese” Enjoy!

BTW, I’m Class of 2002 :D

hey lynn!!! the clips were hilarious…couldn’t stop laughing. how are u? life in melbourne has been good but keep missing bkk. anyway hope all is well and ttyl.

owww … i think my stomach just cramped up from laughter!

hey lynn, is there anyway i can get in touch with you directly? would really love to chat with you sometimes.

khun lynn those guys are hilarious! hahaha good find!

i missed commenting on your ghost post :X that one really scared me! haha but i kept reading because.. well you write so well :P i am now officially freaked out when i go tinkle now at my company’s quiet restroom :T

thailand really is the land of actual scary ghost stories :X


haha! couldnt stop laughing and still cant!
take care! :) ur cool makmak!

oi… so true


hehe i like this one too

Hilarious! And to think that I have friends whose parents are like Erick Tsai’s!

oh man! that video was hilarious!!! (the full-length one)

if you go to google video and look up “dragonboat”, you’ll get some videos that a team in Australia put together. same sort of spoof theme. Awesome videos.

I saw the Back Dormitory Boys at, so funny. But they didnt win. the first price went to two dutch girls Pomme and Kelly who playbacked Aretha’s RESPECT.

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