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Next Time You’re in Phuket…

Posted on: October 26, 2006

…swing on by my dad’s new hotel — Phuket Nalina Resort & Spa — which will be opened officially in February 2007.  This isn’t the finalized website yet, but I’m so excited, I just wanted to share. :)

11 Responses to "Next Time You’re in Phuket…"

Wow! …is that a baby grand in pic #1? looks awesome!

Pretty!!! 0_o
I’ll be sure to visit the next time I go to Thailand! I don’t think I’ve ever been to Phuket before.


nice place!

and looks like the new blog host is cool too! now i’ve got to catch up on all the blogs i’ve missed recently. jeez… i’m off the internet for a few days and everything changes.

Kate: That sure is a baby grand! It’s for the pianist who’ll be playing in the clef lounge :)

Kwan: Definitely go! Phuket’s gorgeous and thankfully hasn’t turned into sleazy, dirty Pattaya yet.

Pan: Yeah, wordpress is definitely very cool! One of the major reasons I moved here is b/c it allows password-protected entries, which I think I’ll be using more often now.

Ok, if my office/firm ever wants to have a retreat in Phuket, we’re headin’ ova!!! Of course, we might disturb the zen of the gloriously urban-zen look with our waterfall charts, but hey— I might be there :)

Do I get a discount from Daddy dearest? Can I drop your name and get, say, err …. 50% off? :P

I don’t know about 50%, but a discount? Why not? :) If you’re serious, let me know next time you plan a trip down here and I’ll set you up!

P.S.  Nice to see you around; I  miss your food blog!

not too bad of a resort…like 90% completed now? must go see see huh?

Yeah, it’s almost done; mostly just interior stuff that’s left. It’s a few months behind schedule because of the nasty rain and flooding Phuket has been getting these past few months.

Sweet, Pool Bar!

I’ll stop by next time in Thailand, maybe in March.

How cool — I’ll probably be down there during March, too!

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