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Furry Red Monsters

Posted on: October 28, 2006

I always knew there was something a little off with that Elmo character. Dude, even the dog looks slightly skeeved!

And yet, why do I secretly wish I had a TMX Elmo of my own?  Oh, and in case you need reminding that Elmo is supposed to be the cute, non-deranged monster on Sesame Street, check out his little convo with Robert DeNiro…

I love those last few seconds where they’re laughing their heads off — too cute! :D

In much more depressing news, the much hated Next Term and I meet tomorrow (on a Sunday!!!).  A tout a l’heure Social Life — it was fun while it lasted. :(

4 Responses to "Furry Red Monsters"

Slightly scary, but I can’t help but laugh anyway. :) Btw, if you’re looking for more of TMX Elmo on YouTube, check this out:

It’s not work safe, by the way!!!

Oh my God, that is freakin hilarious. But I think I’m traumatized; I swear I can never look at Elmo the same way again. =X

lol there is something evil about that vid.

I know, tell me about it! =/

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