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Happy Halloween

Posted on: October 31, 2006

So it’s the third day of the New Term and here I am in the computer room at the IC, trying to waste time before Neurology lab starts in an hour.  Goi sleeps passed out in the common room next to me, which goes to show how totally brutal the New Term is determined to be (three inches worth of lecture notes already; aren’t we just totally lucky?).  The guy who used the computer before me forgot to shut down his browser and I’m quite surprised to learn that he is a Facebooker from Boston U and quite the looker.  Then I wonder if this is some sign from above that I should hang out at Facebook more often. 

A group of Thai students next to me is trying to communicate with the Taiwanese students in front of them, and so far it’s proved unsuccessful; the Thai students can only say xie xie and the Taiwanese students can only say khob khun krub, making me think, Oh well, at least they’re all thankful.  A Japanese couple sitting at the front of the room launches into full-on bickering mode just as a French guy starts talking American politics with his British friend behind me.  I sit here surrounded by all these worldly tongues, fascinated and totally at home. 

Suddenly, an American guy strolls in and asks the room, “So who’s up for that Halloween party at Jake’s tonight?”, and just as my ears perk, I remember that I have class early tomorrow morning and three goddamn inches of lecture notes screaming for my attention, and I realize, Damn, no Halloween party could possibly get any scarier than thisBoo!

Happy Halloween!

6 Responses to "Happy Halloween"

What great dynamics to the scene you described – I sympathize- I had too much going on this year to celebrate it properly. So today I am wearing skull earrings as a homage. :) Happy Halloween!

Seeeeveeeen dayyyysssssss…
I’m Samara from Ringu. Harharhar.


i’m ‘celebrating’ halloween right now…

which means i’ve spent the last 3 hours trying to cook and eat 1 meal while constantly being interrupted by an endless parade of costumed children begging for tooth-rottening sweets (are these your future patients?). i finally finished eating about 2 minutes before i wrote this and now i’m hoping i’ll have enough time to run to the bathroom… uh oh… gotta go… someone’s at the door…

trick or treat? treat for them, trick for me :'(

In the course of a lifetime it’s the things we don’t do that we end up regretting. I’d have gone to the party

I don’t celebrate Halloween, but i enjoyed going thru ur post.

Do stop by my blog as well.

Halloween Parties are fun!
Maybe you should have gone and just leave the studies to chance.
What would you have gone as?

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