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More Pukage on Toilet Day

Posted on: November 21, 2006

A few more pics from Toilet Day — I mean, my birthday.

While waiting in the lobby, I noticed this interesting sign
across the street from Manning’s hotel.
I wonder if Miss Puke ever wonders
why the tourists steer clear of her massage parlor?

Manning and I celebrating our 24ths with Siri and P’Geng at V9 Wine Bar.
And yes, I know — my camera’s night mode totally sucks canal water.

My birthday gift from Goi, who said it’s “just in case [I] ever want to remember what it’s like to feel young again.”

But because revenge is sweet and I probably would’ve retaliated with a stinky diaper on her birthday (seeing as how I’m the Toilet Day Girl and all), she also got me this lovely necklace.

All I can say is that I love, love, love it!!!


Currently Playing: Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer because I love how he always sings and approaches music with so much passion, and also because I think that that’s how I’d like to approach life in general.

Currently Reading: About cardiovascular physiology because I have an exam next week — boo!

8 Responses to "More Pukage on Toilet Day"

happy belated. :)

A belated happy birthday and many more to come (it’s not THAT bad when you get over 30, BTW) from cold cold COLD COLD northern england!

Thanks, Bo. Hope yours was a blast, too :)

Him: Sitting here in the 37 celcius heat, I can only imagine what COOOOLD weather is like, but if it serves as any consolation, at least Baba can cycle around now. You so can’t do that in Bangkok unless you want to end up with a broken neck or crushed under a runaway tuk-tuk. ;)

Hope the move/transition has been smooth thus far; the BKK blogging gang miss you two!

lol world toilet day, i am sorry wun suam lands on your bd. i know why! it’s because you are the source of relief for many people, reading your lovely posts are like the ultimate pleasure (on the john?) :) haha i mean this in a good way i promise! like in a pretend you drank 8 bottles of water and held it through traffic and made it to a beautiful pristine lavatory… ahhhh sweet pleasure! :)

p.s. i forgot to mention (even though you probably know) i LOVE john mayer and equally love his passion for life & music. do you ever read his blogs? they crack me up/inspire me all at once :)


I like how the background of your necklace pic is “neurophysiology” or something like that :)

I like John Mayer too, but I am so peeved that he’s maybe getting back with Jessica Simpson– because he was sooo smart when I saw him in concert, and Jessica Simpson is, well, NOT smart. So that’s it– the Jessica Simpsons of the world are taking away our intelligent, musical, messy-haired boys from us. UGH :P

Pam: Wow, when you put it THAT way, suddenly Toilet Day sounds pretty damn cool after all, haha. I am so glad my blog is something akin to the kind of relief/pleasure one would find while sitting on the john. Wait, that came out all wrong. Um, well, yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is great analogy. :)

And YES, I heart John Mayer so much. Not only is he musical (and hot), but he’s hecka smart, too — I have been a big fan of his blog since the beginning, and he always manages to crack me up or blow me away with his totally random/profound blogs (i.e. that one entry of his titled Change).

Oh, and also because everyone with half a brain knows that smart, intelligent guys = infinite hotness!!!

Hunter: Sorry for the nipple thievery, but if it serves as any consolation, everyone who’s seen it has had nothing but glowing and positive things to say about it. ;)

Tweet: Ugh, I know. I was so disappointed when I heard that he was getting back together with Jessica Simpson, of all girls — there are soo many other smarter and more talented Hollywood It girls (HIGs)! And, you know, John, in case you’re reading, if the smart HIGs are running low, there’s always Pam in CA, S. in Boston, and little old me here in the Land o’ Smiles…I’m just saying. That’s all.

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