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The Great Divide

Posted on: November 24, 2006


This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for so many new things. But no matter what happens and how many years go by, I think I’ll always be thankful for my favorite Tulsan boys. It’s amazing how ten years after hearing MMMBop on the radio, they can still make my heart feel funny.


The earth is shaking under siege
Every breath will meet its fate
Still we hunger for a moment of freedom
Even though the hour is late

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don’t see
I find hope in war, pray for me

Have no fear when waters rise
We can conquer this great divide

This great divide…

When every eye is on the fortune
When a look can only breed contempt
When you can see blood is thicker than oceans
Still we box some brothers in

I find hope and it gives me rest
I find hope in a beating chest
I find hope in what eyes don’t see
I find hope in war, pray for me

Have no fear when waters rise
We can conquer this great divide


Underneath was a solid album — introspective, brooding, serious, a major turn away from the polished pop image they’d been trying so hard to run away from since they first burst into the music scene in ’97 — but it lacked the kind of soul that only hardcore Hanson fans have been fortunate enough to witness live and up close in concert.

Not so much with the Great Divide.

Suddenly they’re singing and playing with the kind of passion and vigor I haven’t seen since This Time Around. Even after the zillionth listen, I still can’t get over Taylor’s mad piano-playing and Ike’s amazing guitar riffs; I especially can’t get over the conviction and intense urgency I’m finally hearing in Taylor’s voice again. This is the Hanson I know and love. This is why, even though they’re not at the top of the mainstream charts anymore, I still cheer them on. This is why, even after disappearing for years and years between albums to marry and have kids and film documentaries and start new record labels, I still wait patiently for new music. This is why, even though I discover new artists and spin their CDs in the place of my worn-out old Hanson ones, I will always return to them, squealing all the way, like a fangirl high on teenybopper hormones.

This is why I can never let them go.

Normally I try to keep my Hanson posts to a bare minimum, especially since I know that a) most people could care less about Hanson, and b) once I get started, I’ll rave about them ad nauseum until somebody hits me upside the head and tells me to shut the hell up. But this time I just couldn’t help myself. Believe me, I tried. ;)

If by any chance you happen to dig the Great Divide, please buy it from iTunes on November 27th as 100% of all proceeds go to a very good cause.

EDIT: And just one more reason why Hanson rocks my world — “…the things we saw in Africa were both joyful and sobering. The trip was about learning. We saw as much as we could in a short time trying not to blink, so that the pictures would be ingrained in our minds. But the biggest impact come from what Africa did to our music. We were able to record two children’s choirs while we were there; one in South Africa, the other in Mozambique. Watching them sing reminded me why we make music in the first place. They sing with such joy it made me stop and wonder how children with so little could possibly sing about hope. It was chilling. It was changing.

Through the song “Great Divide” we hope that some of the conviction we have will translate to whoever hears it. All the proceeds we receive from the iTunes downloads will go to the Perinatal HIV Research Unit of the hospital; people who are creating REAL HOPE. We know that a song and a T-Shirt will only do so much, but we are doing what we can with what we have. Awareness must become a resolve to make a difference…”


6 Responses to "The Great Divide"

happy thanksgiving khun lynn :) there is a higher being afterall, and they are definitely giving you a bday gift.. the gift of HANSON haha. so i wasn’t too far off from my hanson jumping out of a cake hypothesis right?

congratulations on your musicgasm.. lol i couldn’t think of a better word for that but i can truly understand your joy and excitement, kind of like the 1st time i pressed play on the kajimaseyo mp3. >.

it’s like a late birthday present from hanson to you! and it comes with good karma !

Happy Belated Birthday na krub Lynn! The entire Toilet Day/Summit thing is completely new knowledge for me. What’s the word … befitting? Haha, just joking. Have a great great year and welcome to the big 2-4!

Pam: Haha, musicgasm? I love it! And I totally bet that if musicgasm were listed in the dictionary, there would be a direct reference to kajimaseyo right next to it. I am SO sure of it.

Pan: They love me, they really love me!!

Thanks, Art. Until a few days before my bday, I never knew about the whole Toilet Day thing, too. ;)

I’m actually thankful that I’m not the only one still listening to them… I mean, just this morning I was listening to their album “This Time Around”. :) They rock!

Hi Mariel — thanks for stopping by! It’s always nice to meet new Fansons. :) Are you as excited as I am over their new album, The Walk? I can’t believe it’s going to be out in just a few months — that’s practically five seconds in Hanson Time, if you know what I mean, hehe.

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