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Eye Candy vs. Brains

Posted on: November 27, 2006

A few weeks ago, during dinner with Ben, Oui, and Baba, the topic of the awesomeness of Prison Break came up. I’d never watched it before, but because everyone couldn’t stop raving about it, I knew I just HAD to get my hands on it. So I did — all thanks to Amy, who very graciously leant me the entire first season DVD set with the careful warning to look out for Wentworth Miller, who I’d heard a lot about prior to that, but didn’t quite get what all the fuss was about — even though I have a very scary physiology and histology exam this Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Well, after a few late, late nights and very little sleep, I gotta say — CHRIST, was it worth it.

I’m not going to go into the details of the show — mostly because you can find that anywhere on the net and also because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has yet to watch it — but the star of the show is obviously the very talented (and very hot) Wentworth Miller. A quick perusal of the Prison Break fan sites and you will learn that everyone can’t stop talking about Wentworth’s awesomeness and apparent perfection; not only is he quite the looker, but he’s also very intelligent, as seen by his interviews and English degree from Princeton.

Hi, my name is Wentworth, and I make the girls go crazy.

So that, plus Pam and Tweet’s comments on smart, musical guys like John Mayer, got me thinking: “perfect packages” — and I use this term very loosely — aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. Sometimes you meet guys (or in the case of the gents, ladies) who would look really at home plastered across billboards in Times Square, but are about as fun to talk to as a toothbrush. On the other side of the coin, there are also times when you meet people who are witty, well-spoken, and a total blast to talk to, but aren’t exactly lookers like, oh, I don’t know, Mr. Miller. ;)

Which brings us down to the age-old argument — eye candy vs. brains.

Personally, I’d go for brains. Sure, looks might attract you in the beginning; it might set off fireworks and all that good stuff, but if there’s nothing there behind the pretty face, what’s going to keep those fireworks from dying out? On the other hand, wit, charm, a biting sense of humor, and intelligence, I have learned, can go a long way. :)

So what about you? What do you gravitate more towards — eye candy, or brains?

P.S. I will refrain from boring you all about the “perfection” that is Wentworth Miller, but how cool is it that his great-grandmother named him after Captain Wentworth of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and that he did his senior thesis on the idea of doubling and the gender identity construct in Jane Eyre and The Wide Sargasso Sea?!


Currently Listening: To the news, which is all about Bhutan’s Prince Jigme’s visit to my uni on Sunday. Sadly, there are no Prince and Me moments to report about.

Currently Reading: About muscle physiology and hemopoietic tissues because I spent way too much time drooling over Wentworth Miller watching Prison Break this weekend. I really hate how I never have time to read for fun these days. :(

18 Responses to "Eye Candy vs. Brains"

Definitely brains for me.

Though I might just be saying that because I KNOW ain’t no way I’ll ever land me one of those ‘eye-candies’! (sniff, sniff … sob)

But you’re right, a good conversation goes a LONG way.

BTW did you get my comments about your manuscript? I sent it quite a while ago. Hope it helps. Good luck on your exams!

For me it would be more of a mix… lets say 30% eye candy 70% brains. Coz you need to be physically attracted too, ya know?

Glad to hear you liked Prisonbreak too… I missed last weeks with all the travelling around I’ve been doing, but plan to catch up tonight on my brand spanking new laptop ;)

Good luck with the exams, I’m sure you will do well!

Ok, I am allll for brains. Definitely. But guys aren’t so smart. They’re often allll for the eye candy (even if they deny it. besides, most of them really really really like winning arguments, so a brainy girl just riles them up– sigh)….

So, brains for me.
But this goes back to the question of:
guys as sucess objects and girls as sex objects.
Girls like guys to be brainy (rather than good looking) because brains bring home the bacon. Guys like girls to be hot because they think hot girls have better genes and thus give them healthier infants. Generally, that’s what it boils down to. Damn David Buss and his i-wish-it-werent-true theories. But it’s a fun one to debate :)

Hey Lynn!

I’m so obsessed with Wenworth, too! A few of my friends that work in the entertainment industry keeps telling me that he…um, prefers men. =*( I didn’t believe it at first, but there was this one episode in season 2 where him and the older brother were running away and with Wentworth’s hands were of flinging around. there was a clear difference between the older brother’s and Wentworth’s running. Apparently he also has a bf and the cast + crew of Prisonbreak knows about it. He has been keeping it a secret from the public b/c Fox’s producers forced him to. He’s still very beautiful and intelligent, though.

lol I’m sorry but why does the name Wentworth Miller sound like a character from the Simpsons or some kind of rich grandson of an American socialite family from Connecticut?

Yum… John Mayer… *drools* oh oops wait your question! Can I order Brain-Candy then? I think I’ve gone through that eternal question many times. It’s a really hard either/or for me. Maybe because I’m just that shallow?

p.s. because myspace is being a jerk, i was trying to post a picture comment on your latest profile pic. gorgeous! can one of your future posts be a step by step hair tutorial? i am still loving your volume and waves!! very “in” khun lynn!


I think you’re probably right in very general brushstrokes, but I also find that the more intelligent the guy, the more likely he’s also going to be attracted by brains, in addition to looks. Personally, I totally cannot be with a woman who doesn’t match me in intelligence or critical faculties. (Some people are smart but don’t think critically or question things enough to be bearable company.) In fact, I prefer a woman who’s possibly smarter than me, but not definitely so, because if I’m the smarter person hands-down, I get bored, but if I’m the less intelligent person, issues tend to come up more often.

But I don’t think most people are actually like that…

To gordsellar and S,

I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I mean, I don’t think I know ANY guy that would say, ‘Nope, she’s too pretty, that’s a red card right there.’ The truth is physical attraction is important, especially in the initial stages of courtship. This may be especially true for guys.

But there is also nothing I find more boring than a one-way conversation with a girl. I’m not talking about intelligence here … because I have no way of quantifying that. And I have NO idea how intelligent I am either. But I want someone who has ‘thoughts,’ you know? Not like … ‘So Honey, what do you think about the Kafka book?’ ‘Well, umm … (blank look) … I don’t know, but I just LOVE my new shoes!’

Hehe … that conversation actually happened to me once, and I was flabbergasted. The flag went up right then that this wasn’t going to last, and it didn’t. So … YES eye-candy, and YES brain-food! Greedy, aren’t I? :p

I think the general consensus so far is that a good mix of brains and eye candy is what we’re all looking for — and I agree, especially with Baba, with my mix leaning more towards brains and less towards eye candy. Still, like Art and Baba say — and as idealistic as we’d like to be — looks play a big part, at least in the beginning.
Also, I think Gord’s spot-on with his comment on intelligent guys generally being attracted to brains, although I have to say this totally defies the whole John Mayer/Jessica Simpson enigma S. and I were lamenting about in one of my previous posts. ;)

Oh, and Jirat, why did you have to tell me that?!?!?! :*( Suddenly I’m reminded of that Robbie Williams song, Supreme — “all the best women are married, all the handsome men are gay.”

And Pam, haha, yes, Wentworth Miller totally DOES sound like an old-school American socialite name…I guess it doesn’t help that his full name is Wentworth Earl Miller the THIRD, huh? Oh, and thank you for the hair comments! For you Khun Pam, I will definitely try to put together a step-by-step hair tutorial in the future. :)

a friend of mine once remarked, after a messy split with his baby-momma, that he had to be sure that his next girlfriend would be at least as smart as him because he wants to be able to talk about the books he reads (instead of the sitcoms she watches) and he never again wants to lose a semi-intellectual argument with his significant other when he knows he’s right. today, he’s seeing one of my best friends (and she is indeed very smart), and they’re probably going to live happily ever after, so all is well.

as for me… i really, truly hate to admit it but the first thing i notice is looks. i wish i could say that i’m an enlightened being and that looks aren’t important… but i can’t. the other side of that coin is that wit, humor, and intelligence all affect how i ‘see’ a girl. a nice, sweet, funny, smart, clever girl is much more attractive to me than a flaky piece of eye candy.

candy shouldn’t really be flaky anyway… pastries should be flaky. like pâte feuilletée. mmm… pâte feuilletée.

ugh… does this make me shallow? or air-headed? air-headed like pâte feuilletée?

ha :) the comments to this post were as much fun to read as the post itself!

I’m surprised that no one’s brought up the “smell” aspect. Aren’t we supposed to be attracted to other people by pheromones first? I mean, wouldn’t that make the other two categories kind of moot?

Okay, personally, I’m all for brains. But it has to be the right kind of brains. It can’t be the kind of brains that looks down on others, and it can’t be the kind of brains that squanders its talents on… I dunno… dungeons and dragons? But yeah, eye candy is to some degree a must. You have to be able to look at the person and lean in for a kiss. If you can’t do that, then what’s the point?

Also, no one I know is attracted to the half-witted sleep deprived, so off to bed I go. Great post, Lynn!

Hey, nice blog! Fun and easy to read.

And yep, Prison Break is Coool.

Re brains vs eye-candy… depends what you’re looking for but if there’s no enduring physical ‘spark’ then the rest is meaningless…. who wants a ‘nice guy (or girl)’ or just a ‘best friend”… gotta be some excitement ;-)


Gordsellar, Art, Lynn, Kate….

The funny thing is that, Kate brings up a good point. We often don’t know WHY we are attracted to a person. It could be pheremones. But we can try to verbalize it all we want and we still can’t capture WHY exactly we are so attracted to one individual instead of another, even though they might rate the same on looks, brains, etc.

But attraction is prob a combination of: Looks, brains, personality, comfort you feel when you’re with that person, pheremones, and the associations that that person evokes in you. Like, a person might remind you of someone that you know, and thus you are attracted/not attracted to that person.

Attraction is mysterious.

But, in the end, brains last and beauty doesn’t.
Oh, and I cant wait to watch America’s Next Top Model tonight.

Hmmm, maybe 40% brains, 20% looks and 40% they talk to me.

Prison Break was good, totally over the top but good.
In general television shows are so much better than they have ever been in the past. Top Chef season 2 is up there for me. What a show!

Hrm, brain vs looks the eternal question.

Personally, I prefer brain but still must be attractive to me. You know? I can’t wake up in the morning and all sudden be freaked out with the girl I’m sleeping with.

So brain > looks.

Oh esteemed Chef Pan: Qu’est-ce que c’est pâte feuilletée? And no, that doesn’t make you airheaded, just human. :)

Thanks, Kate! And I totally forgot about pheromones!! Everyone knows pheromones are important; the Discovery Channel says so. ;) But yeah, I also agree about there being different kinds of smarts — snobbish, in-your-face smarts are a total turn-off.

Thanks for stopping by, Quicklode. And yeah, while brains are high up there, I also agree that that elusive spark is important, too. :)

Swita: I’m downloading that episode of ANTM right now!!

James: Yeah, Prison Break is probably one of the most over-the-top shows ever, but the suspense and characters (read: Wentworth Miller) make it totally believable. I’ve never heard of Top Chef — is it a reality cooking show?

Hehe, I hear ya, Bo.

u ignored me!!! cuz of this serie!!! and caused me to skip so many classes and forced me to take out my forever facorite serie and watch it AGAINNNNN

Hahaha, as much as I love you, tee rak, you know I can’t turn away from ma cher Wentworth! Squeeeeee…..

Plus, don’t deny it — you totally ditched me for Rain last Tuesday. Remember? “I can’t go to neuro lab because I have to finish watching A Love to Kill!!!! Boo hoo!! They died!!! I’m too depressed to go to class!”

HMPH. I’d say we’re about even. ;D

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