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Girl in the City

Posted on: December 1, 2006

The pink arrow will be home in seven months. I’m very excited. :)

(Photo courtesy of Chad from

19 Responses to "Girl in the City"

very nice. how did you manage to get the last pink arrow on the market? such high demand!

andohbytheway. thanks for the luck. see you later. =)

Ooh, I know. Pink arrows are all the rage. Hence the excitement. ;)

And even better, it’s so close to us! Strangely there is no pink arrow above our home…


but pardon my ignorance… what เขต is that?

Hey Future Soi Neighbor — Oh, the pink arrow’s there all right. You just can’t see it sometimes because it’s obscured by all the BKK smog. Y’see, I had to photoshop the smog out of the picture in order to reveal the pink arrow in all her glory. ;)

Pan: It’s around the Chidlom/New Petchburi Rd. area — a hop and skip away from the university clinic and, um, all the best shopping (read: Siam Square). Hee.

that is awesome khun lynn! you must keep us posted on your pink arrow! it looks so cool :) you could totally bungee jump from the top of your arrow :D

Grats on the new place!

If I remember correctly we spent quite a bit of time in Siam Square hiding from the humidty.
I remember a mall with a movie theater at the top and an endless maze of shops.

Thats’s pretty cool as it looks like you are right in the middle of things.

Oh Khun Pam, I’d love to, but the place is 37 stories high and I’m frightfully acrophobic. So unfortunately no bungee jumping for me! =X

James: An endless maze of shops? Yup, that was definitely Siam Square. :) And yeah, it IS smack right in the middle of all the action (and, coincidentally enough, also smack next to Ben and Oui, aka Future Soi Neighbors), which is why I’m so excited to be moving there!

bangkok’s vast land, dont u want land? dont u want a playground?

bangkok’s vast land, dont u want land? dont u want a playground? yeah, it’s flooded all the

Congrats on the new place. I’m glad you won’t be bungee jumping from it, tho. Too dangerous and we wouldn’t want to risk losing you.

37 stories? geesshhh … it’s okay if your acrophobic, just close you eyes when you jump then hehe. that’s amazing though, right smack in the middle of Chidlom. i’m all green with envy!

Keatix: After spending 24 years in various American and Thai suburbia, I’m more than ready to embrace the vast cityscape. I want to be in the middle of all the action!

Thanks, Gord. :)

Art: I know, I love the entire Chidlom area, too!

I know it’s completely inappropriate, but this post makes me want to sing the theme song to “The Jeffersons.”

I wish I could live around Chidlom.

We’re movin’ on up!
To the east side!
Movin’ on up!
To a deluxe apartment in the sky!

Hahaha :D And yeah, the Chidlom area is nice — right in the middle of town, yet a little quieter and mellower than the rest of Bangkok.

What condo is that Lynn? I was looking at a condo being around Chidlom too. I think it was the Metropolitan?

We can live in the same structure :P

Hey Bo — It’s the Manhattan, close to The Park Chidlom and Pratunam Center Complex. Is that the one you were talking about? And yeah, how cool would it be if we ended up in the same building. :P Heh, we could have xanga parties! Or something.

Actually, no, wait, that would just be plain sad. =X

Hi Lynn – we bought a 1 bed unit on the 9th floor (as an investment) back in 2005

If you know anyone who wants to buy cheaper than what Major is currently selling at (which is 4.75MB) – drop me a line!

I’m really looking forward to seeing it finished BTW – so even if I dont sell – will prolly live in it for a while just to enjoy the project!

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