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Take a Whiff of This

Posted on: December 4, 2006

After our hellish physiology exam last week (don’t even ask), Goi and I headed to Oat‘s room to pass out chill before oral histology lab. Upon entering his room, we spotted his little perfumery, which was stellar enough to make any perfume-addict squeal with glee.

So purdy…

Yes, that is J.Lo’s Glow and Britney’s Curious you see. Oat says he bought them because he thought the bottles were pretty.

Ahem, apparently J.Lo and Britney’s hotness had absolutely nothing to do with it. ;)
And now I’m off to a very many times-removed cousin’s wedding and reception. Apparently every last relative on my dad’s side will be there — I look forward to donning my favorite red dress (lest I risk being blasted for wearing a less than auspicious color to a catholic Chinese wedding) , getting my arm squeezed and pinched by wrinkled old Chinese women (what better way to determine how much weight I’ve gained/lost?), being asked if I am interested in being set up with so-and-so’s friend’s son (no, thank you), and being asked why I would ever want to waste time in school when I can get married now, have kids, bag a husband, and let him worry about bringing home the bacon (HELLO? 2006?!). Most of all, I look forward to being told I am the spitting image of my third great grand-aunt twice removed, who, despite her missing teeth, was apparently quite the cutie back in the day.

Unlike her, hopefully my future DMD degree will keep the dentures out of my mouth for years to come. One can only hope.


Currently Playing: “That sad Korean video” Khun Pam introduced me to many moons ago. We cried, we wept, we scrambled for more. Alas, since neither of us speak/read Korean, we pined for the singer and title of the song for nearly a year. Finally, being the bona fide sleuth that she is, Pam managed to track down all of the above. If you’d like to indulge in some of the Kajimaseyo yourself, get ready to cry buckets. (And yes, we know — we are a bunch of sad, sorry saps).

Currently Reading: The Winter Rose by Jennifer Donnelly. I read the prequel, The Tea Rose, a few months back and absolutely LOVED it. Seventy pages into The Winter Rose and I have yet to be disappointed. Vivid characters, rich Victorian backgrounds, and sweeping storytelling — seriously, people, I cannot recommend these books enough.

16 Responses to "Take a Whiff of This"

once it’s hello 2007, say hello to the return of pre-arranged marriages and baby factories. in other fake news, if concubines were a commodity, i’d invest heavily today and reap the rewards for the next two quarters.

have fun at the wedding.

those parfumo r so ‘pour femme’…lol.

no, still not good, unless u wear a high collared body hugging , high side slitted red cheongsam ala lucy liu, that’s better.

next post better have pictures!

Sadly,I think I have more scents than your friend does. This is because I think, like your friend, the bottles are pretty/add a variant of color that my off-white dresser does not yet have…. oh and the scent matters too, of course.
Wait, now I feel compelled to count: Chanel no 5 and Allure, Hermes jardin sur le nil, Clinique happy AND happy to be, Dior J’adore, victoria’s secret Body and Heavenly Angels, Estee Lauder Pleasures. That’s nine. Ugh.
To my credit, I don’t yet have one celebrity-inspired perfume :)

I feel so honored to be mentioned in your post khun lynn, even if you just outed me about my sad korean addiction! haha kajimaaaaseyoo! And wow that is quite an impressive collection your friend has got there. I’ll let you in on a secret… I first bought DKNY’s fragrance because Sonia Couling was the model (with her ex. Jimmy Narin) for it like 5-6 years ago, I saw in Image mag. Haha at least the woman has taste and it smells great, I still use it to this day :D So you can now re-evaluate what is worse, britney + j.lo or sonia inspired?

I think I would have an allergic reaction from all the scents.

I don’t have such bottles in my home, as they are undoubtedly not child-proof, and thus, who knows what disasters will occur if I got into such bottles.

Wow, Tweet, that’s quite the collection. I only have Clinique Happy, Estee Lauder Pleasures, and the Victoria’s Secret ones you mentioned. I think I also have an old CK1 from waaaay back in ninth grade when it was all the rage and everyone just HAD to have it. Hehe, talk about peer pressure. It’s now buried somewhere in my refrigerator (yes, I store my scents in my fridge b/c otherwise the T-Land heat will turn them all into toilet water).

Pam: P’Sonia trumps all the J.Los and Britneys of the world for sure! ;)

Lynn– it’s SO funny how we have practically the same taste in fragrances then!
But Kate goes by the motto of only wearing one or two scents, instead of mixing and matching to one’s mood for that day. I can’t commit to one scent. Plus all the bottles are so pretty! There’s a weird trend going on with fragrances, it seems like everyone and their mom now has one—
Hillary Duff has one
Donald TRUMP has one
Antonio Banderas has one!
um… there is a Desperate Housewives fragrance AND an The O.C. fragrance
oh what else is out there? Paris Hilton has three. I think Britney also has three.

You should sniff out Un Jardin Sur le Nil by Hermes when you get the chance. It comes in a cool green-tinged bottle– it’s unisex and smells of cool mangoes and papaya. It’s definitely different from all the other fruity/girly fragrances I have, but I love it!


Oh, you could have asked me, I speak Korean some. But I wouldn’t have known, of course, as this is far from the kind of Korean music I like, such as 3rd Line Butterfly:

or Uh Uh Boo Project Band:

Hee. I include that latter one — the clip is in the post, just hit play — ONLY because I think it’ll make your eyes go wide. :)

As for the video you like… have you seen the Korean film “Story of a Nine-Year-Old Boy”? I wager you’d love it.

Tweet: I KNOW, the sudden perfume craze is, well, crazy. :) I think it makes sense that Hilary Duff and Antonio Banderas would have scents attached to their names as they’re glam Hollywood stars and all that, but Donald Trump??? Wtf! It totally boggles the mind.

Oh, and I will definitely check out Un Jardin Sur le Nil. Mangoes and papaya sound right up my alley. :)

Gord: Oh, I totally forgot about asking you, Mr. Korean Extraordinaire! I listened to the Uh Uh Boo Project Band clip and it’s definitely very interesting. It sounded way weird to me the first time (sorry, but it did!), but after a second listen, it’s actually starting to grow on me. :)

And thanks for recommending Story of a Nine-Year-Old Boy. If it makes me cry like a baby, I’m sure I’ll love it. ;)

Hold on, thats a picture of a *mans* collection?

This man, he would be gay, yes? Sorry to stoop to a silly stereotype but I won’t believe any straight man has a collection like that. Let alone buys bottles because they are pretty.

Yeah, I also raised a brow when I saw his collection. But when I asked him the other day, he said that a number of those are his gf’s.

On the fortune:

well I hope at least 50% of it comes true. The good 50% anyway.

I’ll get you his name, address, number from my aunt. He actually has a book out predicting the next year. Its a Thai Top Ten, Best Seller.

Haha.. Donald TRUMP’s perfume???????? and obviously, it’ll have to bear the name TRUMP just like every other little thing he puts his hand on… :)

Anyway, if it makes you feel better, i think almost every one of our friends are going through the same questions from the relatives… -“-

Luckily for me, I still have many, many older female cousins who are still light years away from marriage… so now at least I can tell my grandma, “i’ll wait for the p’ p’ to get married first…” :P

Haha, good one, Noi. :D I will so have to keep that one in mind!

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