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Dental School is No Joke :(

Posted on: December 15, 2006

My midterm exam schedule next week:

  • Monday: Histology lab
  • Tuesday: Neuroanatomy
  • Wednesday: Physiology
  • Thursday: Dental anatomy
  • Friday: Oral histology + Neuroanatomy lab

Such is the sad existence of my life…well, only this semester, at least (one can hope). Right now, the only thing keeping me from ripping my hair out is the notion that I will be leaving on the 28th for one blissful week of sun, sand, and surf, as everyone knows hairless, bald pics on the beach are not hot. Well, unless you’re Wentworth Miller, then in that case you could, like, roll around in a pit full of mud and still you would look fine.

But my brain is fried and I am clearly not making any sense. Back to dental anatomy I go…

But only after a little motivation from Wenty.

“Hey, stop staring and study already.”

Wow, I feel better already!


Currently Playing: Rose on Water by Triniti, the latest new-age folk band to hail from Ireland. Their lush, celtic-infused melodies and dreamy voices are perfect for studying…except they make me drowsy. So drowsy, in fact, that I conked out after reading one measly paragraph on the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone sytem; I woke up two hours later only to realize that I hadn’t gotten anywhere fast. But that doesn’t mean their music isn’t any good; on the contrary, the sounds on their debut album are beautifully evocative and ethereal.

Currently Reading: Oh, believe me, it’s nothing worth mentioning.

8 Responses to "Dental School is No Joke :("

Lust, I see.

Is that your family’s hotel in Phuket?

Can I get a Xanga discount? :P

at what point in dental school do they teach you to ask your patients questions that require extremely long, detailed answers instead of a simple yes/no?


I found your blog accidentally while searching for Wentworth Miller (yeah, I’m obsessed too…so sue me!) and I gotta say that that is one hot pic. Haha I would be motivated to study too. Then again I might just end up staring at him instead of at my books. :P Good luck with midterms!

who knew the “I love you… but I’m going to have to kill you” look could look so good… good luck on your exams smarty (the kind you can eat) pants!

oh and for your studying pleasure… my friend drew this on one of our tests. The professor liked it so she scanned it and posted it for the rest of the students. enjoy my fellow nerdling!

never heard of those subjects from mary, guess not her fav. LOL

m heading to phuket CNY next year, mid feb. any cool rates? LOL

I get the feeling… :) but the time does fly though. :) kinda jealous coz I wanna go to the beach. T_T I’m glad I stuck with Econ… hahhahaha… I would die trying to get through ur midterms. :P

For you, Future PM, why not!

Pan: I’m still trying to figure that out myself. :P

Steph: Haha, I couldn’t agree more.

My Foney Nerdling! I love the reverse histology comic! XD Seriously, I could not stop thinking of it during my histo lab exam. “But they all look the saaaame!!”

Sure, Keatix. :)

Hi Korbua! Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure I would die if I had to take your midterms as I’m a total dunce when it comes to econ. :P And yeah, the beach is always the perfect getaway; whenever I get out of town, I always tell myself I’m going to escape to the mountains up north, but somehow I always end up at the beach, hehe.

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