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Posted on: December 22, 2006

Thanks to minimal sleep and the flu I caught last week, my throat is on fire and my eyes are drier than the Sahara. But all is good, because the week from hell? C’est finis!

A tout a l’heure, suckas!
(Well, until after the new year, that is.)

And thank God for that, because the other night, when I fell asleep on my dental anatomy book and suddenly woke up, heart racing, from a dream where I was being chased by a tooth, I knew that things had officially taken a turn for the worse. I mean, hello, a TOOTH, of all things. Well, a permanent maxillary second premolar to be exact. The dream was all I could think about during the actual dental anatomy exam, which was, honest to God, the damned hardest exam I’ve ever taken in my entire life. Harder, even, than any calculus or physics exam, which, knowing me and how much I loathe all things math-related, says a lot. Apparently the rest of the class thought so, too. Whatever the case, we’re just glad it’s over. Well, until after the new year, at least. No one wants to think about finals just yet. Ah, ignorance is bliss.

I did think it was kind of funny how over half the class took quick bathroom breaks during the exam, though (chaperoned by one of the examiners, of course). No, not to take a piss or whatever, but rather to inspect their teeth in the bathroom mirror to make sure that, yes, the crown of the mandibular incisor is in fact wider faciolingually whereas the crown of the maxillary incisor is wider mesiodistally. I can only imagine what the examiner was thinking as he watched us bare our teeth in the mirror, poking and prodding our cusps, grooves, and pits, but I have a pretty good idea it was probably something along the lines of “my GOD, those dental kids are total freaks.”

Anyway, I was pretty relieved to learn that I wasn’t the only one going crazy having weird-ass dreams. A few nights ago, Goi dreamt that she had gotten lost in a JUNGLE OF SYNAPSING NEURONS that were firing up like mad. The dream left her feeling rather distraught, but fret you not, because at the end of the dream, she was saved and rescued by Cleo magazine’s top ten bachelors. All ten of them. I would so much rather be lost in a jungle of neurons and saved by Cleo magazine’s top ten bachelors than get chased by a TOOTH.

I swear I’m not making this stuff up, but I do have to wonder if our subconsciouses are trying to tell us something. Hmm. I’m sure Freud would’ve had a blast trying to pick our brains. But, ew. Enough of brains. I just spent the entire night elbow-deep in brains, so no more brains for me. Both figuratively and literally. Instead, I’m off to watch the thirteen Prison Break season 2 episodes I promised I’d reward myself with once midterms were over (Wentworth Miller motivates like nothing else). Then I’ll catch up on some much needed beauty sleep, because as of now, I’m officially on vacation. Huzzah. :)

P.S. I do realize that, lately, over 90% of my posts have been boring academia-related ones; I promise my next one won’t. Be academia-related, I mean. I can’t guarantee it won’t be boring, though.


Currently Playing: Sarah McLachlan’s version of the Joni Mitchell Christmas classic, River. Joni’s version is nothing to scoff at, but Sarah sings this song so beautifully; I’ve always thought she has one of the most gorgeous voices of our generation.

Currently Obsessing:  Over the possible meaning of the newly released title of the upcoming Harry Potter book.  Any HP nerdlings have any theories on what the seventh book could entail?

7 Responses to "DONE!"

congratulations !!! enjoy your vacation! and merry xmas!

“harry potter and the giant demonic tooth” ?

Get well soon. :) … wish I had a dream like ur friend’s. :P hahahaa

when u start 2 practise, i bet u will dread treating juvenile patients. i hv experianced it while assisting Mary. moreover, money frm those treatments’ not very good…lol.

dont think u will hv another post b4 xmas, so…merry xmas lynn.

Haha, I’m so sure the demonic tooth could give Voldemort a run for his money any day. That thing was relentless! Hope your Xmas is fab, too, Pan. :D

Thanks, Bua. :) And yeah, I would so much rather dream about Cleo’s top ten bachelors than some giant demonic tooth!

Keatix: Normally, I love kids, but I don’t know what I’ll do if I get a patient like the screaming baby in my previous post. =X I know it all comes with the territory (I mean, I hated visiting the dentist when I was a kid, too), but hopefully I can try make it a better experience for them. And merry Christmas to you, too!

its like my dreams cept I have Aum, Taengmo, Kratae, and bunch of other servicing me grapes. :)

can i borrow you prison break season 2 when your done? :P

Heya, Bo. I downloaded them off The site’s banned in Thailand, but I get around that by using They have the first 13 episodes of season 2 there; the rest of the season will continue on Jan 22, after the mid-fall break. I can’t waaait. :)

Let me know if you run into any problems because otherwise I can burn them to a CD and give ’em to you the next time we meet up or something.

LOL!!! You know, I had similar dreams before exams!! Of course, I wasn’t being chased by teeth or anything… I was being chased by some alpha‘s and beta‘s and theta‘s thing… you know.. sometimes the whole Greek alphabet parade were ganging up on me!!!!

So, yup. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s gone crazy had weird dreams in grad school. ;)

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