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Happy New Year???

Posted on: January 1, 2007

Last night, I returned to my hotel room after a lovely new year’s eve countdown, only to discover that eight bombs had ripped through the ‘Kok. This evening, I returned to the city (two days early, but that’s because I have an exam on the 3rd — God, talk about depressing — and also because nobody was feeling so festive anymore) and stopped by Spasso for dinner, only to flinch at the wreckage that lay strewn in front of Central World Plaza. And just now, as I was walking from my car, a flurry of firecrackers exploded above me and I jumped a little, if not from fear then from surprise. Most people gave a little laugh then continued on their way, but I also noticed how everyone made sure to steer clear of the trash cans…

Happy new year? I sure do hope so.

8 Responses to "Happy New Year???"

happy new year, lynn! i’m glad you were safe from danger! hope 2007 brings you much happiness

glad you were safe lynn.

best wishes for you and your family in the new year! (starting with best of luck on your exam)

Happy new year to the both of you, too! And thanks for the luck, Pan. I’m really gonna need it. =X

a sign of the times we’re living in. london, spain, us, india, indonesia, japan… happy new year lynn.

I was dismayed to see headlines announcing the bombings in Bangkok. What a bitter start to a new year! Have a super-safe-studious-successful 2007!

happy new year khun lynn, i’m really really glad you’re ok and weren’t around the direct areas where that happened!

I hope it’ll be a much better and peaceful year for all of us :)

Happy new year! :) … dad keeps telling me to stay away from the trash cans, telephone booths, crowded places, etc. I don’t even feel like going out anymore… maybe coz I’m sick too… :) Anyway glad you and everyone I know are ok. :) Happy new year again!!!

hey lynn, do be careful. crazy… i think i’ve been to central world plaza too! best wishes from the states!

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