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Better Than Sex

Posted on: January 8, 2007

Hah, admit it — that totally caught your attention, didn’t it? It sure did catch ours. :) But I’m getting ahead of myself, so I’ll start at the very beginning, that being a lazy Saturday evening at High Tea, a cozy little tea house/bakery found snuggled deep in the middle of Langsuan Road.

A snug little haven smack in the middle of the city

Inside we found a quaint little flower shop

…which had the lushest florals ever.

And a whimsical chandelier…

Not to mention a dazzling display of lights…

And a frightening little ghoul!

Who turned out to be none other than my favorite Guggy Monster.
So, what’s the diagnosis, Dr. Freud?
I swear she’s not as mad as she looks. ;)

(Even though sometimes it might seem so otherwise.)
I apologize, High Tea, if Gug and my typodont scared away your regular patrons.

They had the most darling desserts and teas ever,
like the Parlez-moi d’Amour and the Un Gentleman a D’eaurille.
Unfortunately both weren’t available,
so I settled on some classic hot chocolate instead.

A short while later, Jup, Matt, and Akira (not pictured, unfortunately)
joined us for some dinner.
Had so much fun gabbing about the most random things ever,
much of which I managed to catch on tape.
Have yet to share them, however, as I am a dork and
still can’t quite figure out how to upload vids from my new camcorder.

We left High Tea around 9ish in search
of a little something to assuage our sweet tooth (teeth?)

And ended up at none other than Summer Chocolate House,
home of the infamous ball lamp.

Not to mention the BTS (Better Than Sex).
Don’t let its seemingly simplistic appearance deceive you; the BTS is sublime.
Of course, whether or not it really is BTS is for you to determine for yourself.

Alas, a trip to Summer wouldn’t be complete without
their signature dish…

We left around midnight with smiles on our faces and our bellies in mid-jig.
Nothing quite like dripping dark chocolate to top off a fabulous Saturday night

P.S. Pics from my trip to Phuket coming soon! But first I have to sift through all, um, 700 of them. Man.


Currently Playing: Fidelity by Regina Spektor, whose song I first heard on the radio a week ago and, thanks to the idiot DJ who neglected to mention the artist, was sent running on the wildest goose chase ever trying to find out what the hell song it was that was circling around in my head all week long. All I knew was that the singer sounded like an brilliant cross between Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Joni Mitchell, and Ani DiFranco, and that it was fabulously weird and unique and simplistically beautiful and stood out amongst all the other mindless, mind-numbing muzak on the radio. Thanks to my brother, I finally pinpointed it down to the very talented and classically trained Regina Spektor, who has quite the knack for turning eccentric into BRILLIANT. Definitely check out her latest album and her charmingly quirky video.

Currently Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield, which is easily one of the best books of 2006. I gobbled this up during my trip to Phuket and seriously could not put it down as it reminded me of the lusciously gothic tales that the Brontë sisters, Charles Dickens, and Daphne du Maurier used to write. The ending caught me completely off-guard and made me want to flip back to the very first page and read it all over again, which is why I totally recommend this book if you’re looking for a heart-pounding tale to sweep you away.

Currently Watching: The Holiday, which I watched after reading Ben’s positive review. Jude Law and Cameron Diaz’s storyline was cute, but I couldn’t help but feel that their purpose in the film was simply to serve as eye candy (not that I’m complaining, hee). Kate Winslet’s storyline, however, captivated me, making me smile and laugh and cry (but mostly smile) as she attempted to get over a very bad case of unrequited love (sigh, who can’t possibly relate?). Very reminiscent of Love Actually, though I gotta admit I’m very hard-pressed to find anything that could possibly top off what is essentially one of the best RomComs ever. All in all, however, the Holiday is a delightfully fun, light, feel-good film perfect for the holidays.

16 Responses to "Better Than Sex"

Looks all delicious to me….never know of these kind of places in BKK….

Talking about The Holiday and Love Actually, you should also try The Family Stones.

I know! I had no idea there were such charming little spots in the city. Luckily I have friends like Gug and Jup who are so aptly attuned to the culinary scene in BKK. :)

And I have been meaning to check out the Family Stone for a while. Will definitely look out for it the next time I go to Blockbuster’s!

Aww… I’m totally coveting that chandelier! The food looks so gorgeous, it’s making me reach for my chocolate stash here at work. YUM.

Oh my god. I’m pretty much determined you are my long lost other half. For many many reasons based on your post:

1.I just fell in love recently with Regina Spektor, “Better” to be specific, that song is just amazingly good and painful! Just like the other artists you mentioned, and well she has that kool K in her name.

2.I loved The Holiday in the “delightfully fun, light, feel-good film perfect for the holidays” that you do too! Oh why can’t I be Cameron Diaz’s character in it?

3.You have to promise me that if/when I go to Bkk you will take me to High Tea because I love nothing more than chilling and being silly with a good beverage and company! BTS looks very promising and delicious!

so i’m guessing that the cake component of the BTS is a molten-center chocolate cake? stick your fork in it and it leaks luscious chocolate goo? and it looks like next to it is a perfect quenelle of chocolate mousse, right?
seeing beautiful food like that makes me wish i was still in the food business.

I like the place. Looks real cute. :) I bet everything tastes great too. BTS would probably kill me, but I have to say it looks yummy. And I just love Regina Spektor’s Fidelity!!!

Oh yes! Just blog tagged you in my blog. :)

Kate: Haha, yeah, I spotted the chandelier right away and just loved how it gave the place a nice whimsical flair. :)

OK, Khun Pam, my long lost twin, the similarities are just getting mighty freaky now. ;) But YES, I heart Regina Spektor so much. And Better is also another one of my favorite songs, as are Samson, Apres Moi, On the Radio, Field Below, Hotel Song, and pretty much everything else on that album, haha. And I will *definitely* take you to High Tea when you come to BKK!!! Why, I can’t imagine a better place to host a xanga party :P

Wow, Pan, your culinary prowess never fails to impress — that’s exactly what it was! Next time you’re in BKK, we are so going on a culinary tour of the city.

Bua: The place was indeed very cute. :) And yeah, while the BTS tasted divine, I couldn’t help but imagine the evil path it was making to my butt…um, but that only lasted for a split second, though. :P

UM HI!! PLEASE ALLOW ME TO TAG ALONG THE XANGA PARTY AT HIGH TEA! I looooooooove chocolate fondues but more so chocolate fountains.. do they have one of those? I think I’ll get one in my future home. YUM!

Ok the foneeey-bkksoul-invisibleg12l XANGA PARTY seriously needs to happen, it would be so fun! Especially at High Tea and yes Khun Fone it would be good to the 10th power if there was a chocolate fountain involved… that we could bathe in… (wait was that an outside thought?). We must schedule this in Bkk. When when when?!

So, what number Soi Langsuan is this actually in? I swear my little street is getting trendier every year since I left home. LOL.

Um, hello, a foneeey-invisiblegi12l-bkksoul XANGA PARTY (why are we capitalizing XANGA PARTY?) would not be complete without my Foney Nerdling! This party must happen! But when?

And I am all for chocolate fountains; Fone is so right — they should come installed in houses, right there next to the stove and refrigerator…

Oh, and I don’t recall seeing a chocolate fountain the last time I was at High Tea, but I don’t see why we can’t bring our own, especially if this party were to land somewhere in April. I mean, think of how perfect a chocolate fountain would be during Songkran! Dude, we could douse the whole town in chocolate! :D

Hi Oakley! It’s right across from Langsuan Soi 3. (You can check out a more detailed map here.) I adore the entire Langsuan/Chidlom area; so many hidden gems there just waiting to be found, all tucked away from the hustle and bustle that is Bangkok. :)

OK, back to cramming for my physio exam. Ew.

I am so down for a XANGA PARTY incl. chocolate fountain bath, in April or May, I wonder if Khun Fone can clear her schedule!

P.S. XANGA PARTY has to be capitalized to embarass… I mean remind us of how big and exciting of an event it is.

Ah! Of course…. ;)

i love langsuan because of all these little spots. the starbucks there in that converted house is just awesome! unfortunately i heard that the property bureau isn’t renewing a lot of the leases of the small tenants as they’re going to sell the land to developers.

i hope that doesn’t happen as one of the reasons langsuan is a great place to live is all those great places. if it turns into another canyon of high-rises it’ll totally spoil the charm of the place.

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