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Four Weddings (But No Funeral)

Posted on: January 13, 2007

I tell ya, nothing quite as surreal as attending a wedding at the same hotel your senior prom was held at way back in 2000 (except, back then, before it was taken over by yet another international hotel conglomerate, it was called Le Royal Meridien). Walking into the grand ballroom was definitely very weird because all I could seem to think was, “Damn, has it really been seven years since high school?!”

RIS Class of 2000 Senior Committee
Back (from L-R): Ahn, Nid, Kay, Kenna, Jup, Tweet, JT, Kanchi, ME!, Reshma
Middle (L-R): Mr. Frank Carolan, Sunny, Praveen, Pam
Front: (from L-R): Yujin, Manesh, John, Paul, Pete, Bing

Man. Look at how innocent we all look! All freshly hatched and shiny and ready to take on the world. Scary to think that in three years time that seven years I was talking about earlier will morph into a full decade. A decade! Since when do I start talking about time in terms of decades?!

Anyway, the wedding was very nice, even though I didn’t know the bride. Or the groom. Or the parents of either the bride or the groom. Or anybody else at all, really, unless you count my brother, who tagged along with me since I was attending in my parents’ stead, who the invitation was originally addressed to, but who were, unfortunately, unable to attend as they already had prior engagements.

In general, I love weddings as much as the next girl, but not so much anymore. I mean, hello, in 2006 I attended seven in all. SEVEN. That’s an awful lot of weddings to attend in one year, especially since four of them were weddings of people I didn’t even know (again, attended in my parents’ stead, since I am a fantastic daughter like that). Hardly two weeks into the new year, and looks like I just might beat last year’s record as I already have three more weddings lined up for the next two months. This means that by March I will have attended four weddings. Four! Man.

Now, I don’t mean to sound jaded and all, but Western weddings in Thailand feel soo formulaic; I would so not be surprised to discover that the Hotel Association of Thailand makes all hotels follow a boilerplate formula or whatever. Well, after attending wedding after wedding (after wedding), they all tend to blur and become one and the same, stripping you of the requisite awe and excitement one expects to feel while watching two people tie the knot.

Not so much tonight’s wedding.

Why? Because they had a special guest! No, not the ex-ex-ex-ex Prime Minister, who gave a boring speech I will refrain from commenting on, but rather one of my favorite Thai singers ever — Ford!!!

He took to the stage and started singing and I could not help but smile like a total fangirl. And best of all, he sang the one song that has the power to sometimes make me cry like a baby I used to listen to again and again (and again) in 8th grade, thinking that guys who played the sax were SO damn cool. (And they are. Cool, that is.)

Maybe weddings aren’t so bad after all. :)


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12 Responses to "Four Weddings (But No Funeral)"

hey at least you don’t have to pay for the gifts at these substitue-weddiing-appearances. you get to dress up all pretty and eat yummy (hopefully) food without having to spend oodles of $$ on a wedding gift (or cheque) that you hope the newlyweds will actually use.

so what’s the formula they have for these weddings…? in what ways are they carbon copies of each other?

GAK!!! The OLD picture!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! GO SENIOR COMM!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ford as well– esp his old song “yud trong nee tee tur”— THAT one is AWESOME.

And yes, when DID we become so old???

I wish I could go to prom again. it was SO fun. Sorta. In a rite-of-passage way.

Okay I’m officially kind of creeped out because Ruk Ter was totally one of my favorite songs of that time. I had the CASSETTE TAPE of it where it was only that single sung in various versions and the duet with Jennifer Kim! Omg that’s amazing that you got to hear it in person!!! That raspy voice and sax oOoo la la

OMG! Scary, but I think I still have some vague recollection of that song in my head somewhere….

woo, 7 weddings that is a lot!!! I have never been to a wedding before. But what can i say, my family are like spinsters, they don’t get married:P

This takes me back, thanks for the trip down memory lane. How could any of us forget who we were, where we got to know each other and our activities together…

Alot has happened over the years, fortunately for the better…

Even in ten years time these memories are the only things that keep us family…

Peace to all RIS Class of 2000,
[ By the way, how many of you still have your class of 2000 ring, I do! I still wear it everyday since then, I guess it has become a part of me now :) ]

Pan: Formulaic generally entails the following: a quick photo montage of the bride and groom (really a powerpoint presentation), a speech by a special guest/elderly relative, the cutting of the cake, a quick “chaiyo!” toast, and enough photo-taking to leave you feeling numb at the face for a good month.

Tweet: Yay, did we rule or what?! Haha, yeah, those were some good times. For reals. I would love to go to prom again, too (though maybe not *that* prom per se), just for the fun of it. Oh, and I LOVED Yoot Throng Nee Tee Tur, too!

Pam: Ooh yeah, Ford sure does know how to rock the sax! And it WAS fantastic getting to see him perform live — I mean, I totally wasn’t expecting him to be there so that was very much a pleasant surprise. :)

Elem: That song was soo popular back in the day, huh?

Poeh: Be glad you don’t have to go to so many weddings. :)

Ezra! How’s it going? I haven’t talked/seen you for AGES. Thanks for stopping by. :) And yeah, as cliche/sappy as it sounds, those RIS days were some of the best of my life. And of course I still have my class of 2000 ring! I don’t wear it as much anymore, but I still do pop it onto my finger every now and then whenever I feel a little nostalgic. :)

I luv weddings but I think at some point in my life I would start to not like them so much. :P I mean I’m kinda jealous of those happy people. :P hahaha… Wedding gifts, cakes and everything are wonderful really. You’re so lucky to get to go to so many weddings. :) Ford was at the wedding? Em… must be gud. :)

Just wait till you start attending weddings of people that you DO know, ie. your friends. That’s when the sense of nostalgia will hit big time, I’m betting. I got about 4 invites last year, but being stuck here in Japan I couldn’t attend any of them. Are we really getting that old? Arggh … I can just FEEL that mid-life crisis approaching!

Wow, thanks for posting that picture Lynn, brings waves of memories and flashbacks all at once. Flooded by nostalgia at the mo. Although we have all tread far and wide since graduation, any will refer to it as ‘a decade ago’ fling, memory of RIS still hold me cosy.

So keep rocking :)

can someone remind me what the ring looked like? am i getting old and losing my memories or something? why do i have no recollection whatsoever or a class ring? hmmm? anyways, finally had some free time to surf, and decided to drop by your fab award-winning blog to see how you’re doing and suddenly detected a familiar photo (i still have copies of that – my once young and tanned self – hahaha). Did you ever notice the typo on the photo-card? anyways, if you go through everyone in the photo, i’m sure we can put together a novel based on what everyone has been doing in the past 7 years. My chapter will say “She spent the last seven years increasing her capacity to accumulate ‘chair ass’ and really doing nothing except for getting older and grumpier” -end chapter.

I can’t believe it’s been seven years since that prom…it doesn’t seem that long. *sigh* Back when we were young and free…

Anyway, Kenna, the class ring was a silver ring with a twisty black font on the front that said “Class of 2000”. Narin made it, remember? (Or maybe you don’t, seeing as you started losing your memory when you developed “chair ass”.)

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