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Calling All Foodies

Posted on: February 14, 2007

Gotta pimp my girl Jup’s recently launched blog — Jup’s Pintoh — because not only does it have such pretty pictures of food, but nobody else knows Bangkok cuisine quite like Jup does. For reals.


8 Responses to "Calling All Foodies"

nice! thanks for the heads-up !

thanks, lynn! :D

i don’t know all of BKK’s cuisine…but i try! ;)

wow! looks really nice…

not bad at all. i ‘likey’ it!! lol.

hmmm suddenly having some huge sushi cravings:D

This blog is making me curse myself for NOT being in BKK and having access to food.
OH LYNN- HAVE YOU READ??? SHOPAHOLIC AND BABY????? I saw it earlier this month in an airport in Dallas and went ballistic!!! unfortunately, I was worried about maxing out my credit card (since I had just put two weeks of hotel rooms on it…) so I didnt buy it or anything!!!!!
You need to read it and let me know how it is…. :)

You BET I’ve read it!!! I squeezed in a little time for Becky Bloomwood et bebe in between finals, and loved it. :) Greatest guilty pleasure ever, for sure!!

P.S. Hehe, how funny/ironic would it be if buying Shopaholic and Baby maxed out your credit card?

kit tueng na ka khun lynn, hope you’re doing well :)

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