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Once Upon a Time

Posted on: February 14, 2007

Once upon a time, six girls decided to document their last two years of high school in a book. They gave the book a name — Matthew Derek, aka Maderek — since they had a crazy habit of nicknaming everything and everyone in their lives, most notably their crushes, whose names were so totally random they ranged from Orange and Pharoah to Python/Snake and Sneeze.

But mostly they named the book for other more important purposes; after all, what better way to catch a boy’s attention than to sidle past his locker and go, “Oh, Arwen, by the way, did you meet up with Matthew last weekend?” or maybe, “Wow, Caro, three whole hours last night with Derek? I’m impressed!”

Some might think this to be downright demented, but the girls thought they were so incredibly clever. You know how it is — tomato, to-mah-to.

The book was sacred. In it, the girls jotted down their hopes, their fears, and more embarrassing moments than should be considered legal; unfortunately, eight years on, many of those moments still make the girls blush. Which is why they still guard it with their lives, even to this day.

They also used the book to let off steam, especially during the bad times; to rant about scary stalkerish boys who used to wait outside the girl’s bathroom to ask them out (eek); to set up their girlfriends with unsuspecting boys during Calculus class; and to jot down their favorite movie quotes and favorite maudlin poems. Sometimes they even used the book in lieu of proper quiz paper, which was normally tolerated, except in the case of certain subjects (math — ew!).

I suddenly thought of those six girls today, since one of them will be tying the knot in two weeks time and moving halfway across the world for God knows how long. The rest of the girls thought it’d be a good idea to make a copy of the book for the bride in hopes that she’ll flip through it from time to time and have a good laugh because my GOD were they once the biggest drama queens ever. ;) Still, despite the changes life throws their way — and there will be changes, because what is life without change? — hopefully they’ll always keep a little bit of their nutty teenage selves with them…because it’s always nice to remember who you were, once upon a time.

To Teresa, Caroline, Arwen, Gug, and Siri — TLCAGS 4-eva. ;) And to Siri, congratulations!

P.S. Despite my lack of updates/internet presence, I’m not dead. I’m just drowning in preparation for finals. I am so celebrating the day this term is over. GAH.


Currently Reading: About renal physiology, which makes me grateful for all the hard work my kidneys do. It also makes me want to cry when I look at all those formulas. I guess some things never change — once a dunce in math, always a dunce in math.

Currently Playing: Jackson and Dance With Me by Hem. I’m so glad I discovered Sally Ellyson’s voice as it’s probably one of the most beautiful I’ve ever heard, not to mention perfect for lazy Sunday afternoon dreaming.

7 Responses to "Once Upon a Time"

Aww that is SO cool and reminds me of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants if we were to exchange your book for jeans. What a cool gift for the bride too :) This isn’t a ‘burn book’ like in Mean Girls right? haha if so I’m afraid I have to tell the Principal.

GOODLUCK with everything in school!!!!

Haha, nooo, nothing mean like a burn book! But that’s not to say it wasn’t filled with gossip about other people, though. ;)

please congratulate Siri for me!!

ooh, what i wouldn’t give to have a peek at that book!

Will do, Pan!

Jup: Hah, yeah, that book is so hysterically funny — in retrospect, not back when we were sixteen, of course. We were so neurotically nutty back then, I swear!

Awww… girlfriends! The best thing in the world. It’s almost like ur keeping the memories alive in the book. :) It’s just great. Wish I had a way to keep mine alive too.

Good luck with ur finals! Hope they’ll all turn out well.

Aww you guys are SO CUTE. A little like the Burn Book in Mean Girls, but except for NOT mean at all :)
Can I get a copy toooooooooo? J/k

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