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Lucky Numbers

Posted on: May 11, 2007

A few weeks ago I dreamt of my grandmother, or Ah-Ma, as I called her, when she was alive. In the dream, she was bustling around, healthy as can be, which was something of a surprise because in the last few years of her life my grandmother’s many illnesses had rendered her bedridden.

“Ah-Ma, you look so healthy,” I gushed. “How old are you now?”

“Seventy-eight,” she said.

And that’s all I remember. I can’t even recall if she did the jig or floated down on wings or gave me some grand prophetic advice on how to conquer the world. All I remember from that dream is the number 78. Yeah, I know — pretty pathetic, huh.

But try telling that to my mom and aunt, both of whom are Superstitious with a capital S. I guess that’s not much of a surprise — Thais are notorious for their almost zealous superstitiousness, and my mom and aunt are no exception. When they heard about my dream, they poked and prodded, trying to whittle out every last possible detail (“Uh, I think Ah-ma’s shirt was white…or was it yellow?”). I told them it was all pretty hopeless since I plain suck when it comes to dreams, always forgetting them within seconds of waking up; all that remains are a few wisps of conversation and a general gist of what went down, if I’m lucky. Usually it’s more of a big blank.

Still, despite the paltry details, my mom and aunt were positive my grandmother was trying to tell them something.

They were convinced my grandmother wanted them to buy lottery tickets.

So to humor them (and to get them off my back), I said I’d buy a ticket. Fridays are the last day to buy lottery tix, as the winning numbers come out on Saturday. Unfortunately something came up that Friday and I never got a chance to buy the tix. Oh well, I thought. Whatever. It’s not like the dream actually meant anything, right?

Or so I thought.

The next day, my mom called and asked me to check the winning lotto numbers in the newspaper. Wanting to prove her and my aunt’s dream-reading skills wrong, I stumbled into B2S, mumbling something about this being the dumbest thing ever, opened the paper and saw that — OHMYMOTHEREFFINGGODANDJESUSHCHRIST — the winning numbers, written in clear black ink before me, were 7, 8, and 0.

A chill traveled down my spine — just like in those really crap suspense novels — as I stared and squinted at the numbers, totally spooked. 7, 8, and 0. HOW?! HOW IS THAT FEASIBLY POSSIBLE?! Not only am I the farthest thing from a psychic (because believe me, if I were, I’d have Wenty’s number on speed dial), but if I were to think back to what my grandmother said in the dream, she’s supposed to be 89 now, not 78!

So I called my mom back and told her the numbers over the phone. I thought she’d be freaking out, like I was, smack in the middle of B2S. But instead she very calmly said, “Of course the winning numbers include 7 and 8. I told you they would, didn’t it?”

And so she did. But I’d been too much of a skeptic to believe her and my aunt’s zany superstitions at the time. Even now, after seeing the numbers printed out before me plain as day, that logical, scientific, no-nonsense part of my brain is still trying to tell me that this was all just one hell of a HUGE coincidence. Or was it? Honestly, I still don’t know, but I do know that the next time I dream about Ah-Ma I sure as heck am going to pay a lot more attention!


Currently Lamenting: The sad farewell of my favorite mother-daughter duo ever. So the last season might have been a little weak, but it’s not like they’re the first show to have ever slipped a bit (are you listening, Lost?!). All I know is that I’m going to be a very weepy mess during next week’s finale. Man, oh man.

Currently Playing: Un Angelo by Patrizio Buanne, whose gorgeous baritone made my breath catch when his voice came on the radio the other day. The DJ neglected to mention the artist’s name AGAIN (*grumble incompetent ass grumble*), sending me on a frantic Google chase in search for “the guy who covers Robbie Williams’ Angels with the effortless style and charm of yesteryear coupled with that famous passionate Italian flare.” Thank God I found him, because I cannot recommend the guy’s music enough!  Totally reminds me of the days when Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and polished sophistication reigned supreme. I swear, one listen to Patrizio’s album and suddenly you’re in Italy, floating into the glorious Venetian sunset on a gondola…

Or maybe you’re just really shamelessly smitten with a hot Italian voice. :X

8 Responses to "Lucky Numbers"

Ha ha, this reminds me of an apocryphal story my mom swears happened to her neighbors when she was a child. Apparently there was a family with a young child, and half-jokingly, one of the parents asked the kid for some lottery numbers, to which he replied, in baby Thai, “Bpat Hoh Hoh.” Said parent bought 8-6-6 and won the jackpot.

But seriously, this works the same way as the astrologers. If you had 100 dreams with numbers in them, but only 1 dream had winning numbers, which of those dreams would you remember vividly as evidence of the supernatural? Next thing you know, you’ll start seeing the Virgin Mary in a pot of chocolate fondue…mmm…chocolate fondue. What was I talking about?

By the way, I have to dictate the procedures I do, and each dictation has a number for reference. My penultimate dictation ended in 993, and I thought to myself how funny and great it would be to have my last dictation end in 999…so I talked a little slower…and sure enough, I was 999. Perhaps I should buy a lottery ticket? :)

wow… 7 and 8!? next time… u should buy the lottery!!! my mum is not like that… but she would also try to interprete my dreams. :P i’ve never dreamt about anything that would give me any fortune. … i think my maid once told me that when i first got my car, she bought the lottery with the numbers on my license plate… and she won! she said she does this everytime we have a new car. :P maybe… just maybe… this is all just one big coincidence! :)

[…] saw Lynn’s post aboutthis this morning, and so I couldn’t help wanting to share something […]

It’s always that way… whenever you have a winning number, you never buy it… and whenever you buy it… you never have the winning number. Talk about Murphy’s Law!!!!!

Okay… if my grandma decides to come in for a visit in my dream… I think I should listen to her, yes? : )

happened to my aunt once. she dreamed something numeric, and then she played $5 straight on one pick 4 number. she hit big.

i believe in the power of dreams. as a tool for financial gain and gambling purposes only, though.

and i am looking up ‘apocryphal.’ first guess: it has something to do with bloods and crips.

werd to mati.

i once dreamt up a hot girl’s phone number after i saw her picture on hi5

and coincidently i ran into her on the elvator at paragon the next day!

woo! :) but that happens a lot. same thing happen to few of my friends and family. they won a nice sum in return :)

i think some dreams are definitely more than just dreams. it’s not one of those things that i could ever possibly hope to explain logically or scientifically; i just really believe that there’s a bigger picture out there – we’re more than just flesh and blood – and that sometimes some parts of us can reach out beyond what we can touch with our hands into what we can touch with our hearts.

i so agree about the insane level of superstitions in thailand. i can’t say that i fall into the same category as your mom or aunt, but i’m not immune to it either (you will NOT find me lighting a candle in front of a darkened bathroom mirror. i forgot what exactly is supposed to happen … but heck no).

out of curiosity, how much would you have won if you did buy those tickets?

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