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Things that Suck

Posted on: May 19, 2007

The mirrored elevators at Siam Paragon bug me to no end. Not only does it make for a sorta/kinda awkward situation when everyone in the elevator is looking ahead and trying to not look at the reflection of the person standing next to them, but it also reveals for everyone in the elevator to see if you’ve committed a faux pas or not.

[In the elevator at Siam Paragon]

How come you no take me for vacation?

Because I’m busy with work.

Why we not go for small vacation?
We go for few day only.

Maybe a short vacation to Hong Kong or Singapore?

(shakes head)
No, no, no.
Not Asia.
I want to fry to France!

(elbows Lynn hard)

(bursts out laughing)

(stares ahead with nary an expression on his face)

(glowers at Lynn in mirrored elevator)

(stares meekly at shoes)

It was the Rio Grill scenario all over again…except worse. Much, MUCH worse, because this time I was in a confined space that seemed to magnify my laughter a hundred times over and, out of all the people in the world, it was none other than my flesh-and-blood idiot of a brother who instigated the horrible faux pas in the first place.

Seriously, had it not been for him, I swear I would have held my laughter in (we were so close — just two more floors to our destination!). I mean, I do realize that I may have a slight tendency to laugh at inappropriate times, but I’d like to think I’m not too far gone yet. After all, I only laughed for, like, four seconds when Tobey Maguire cried in the monstrosity that is Spider-Man 3, which was a pretty impressive feat considering emo Spidey doesn’t cry very prettily (sorry, Tobey, but you don’t) and the fact that the normally very quiet and reserved Thai audience also dissolved into giggles (quiet giggles, but giggles nonetheless), thus proving my point.

But nooo. Said idiot of a brother just HAD to jab me in the ribs even though he knew FULL WELL what would happen.

Brothers suck. And so do mirrored elevators.


Currently Playing: The new album by the Frank and Walters, a super duper DUPER brilliant indierock band my brother stumbled upon while we were browsing for new music selections yesterday (and after I’d made an ass of myself in the elevator). If you’re into the Arctic Monkeys or Kaiser Chiefs, then the Frank and Walters are right up your alley.

Currently Reading: An article on modern-day female singers and how, if they don’t have sex appeal, they get the boot. In a way, I think this has transcended the music world and managed to wriggle its way into the realm of the Modern Woman’s everyday world where she’s constantly judged on her appearance. What happened to the Janis Joplins and Aretha Franklins? What happened to the days when plain and simple talent was enough to see you through?

12 Responses to "Things that Suck"

hahahaha that’s what you get for not being faster on the draw, lynn!! think of how it would have turned out if you elbowed jason before he could do it to you! ;)

hahahaha that totally just made me giggle in my cube reading. it’s ok khun lynn i’m sure she was only mad that her ridiculous..ness was overheard. and wow mirrored elevators, total bad idea!

Oh no!! hehehe it’s still really funny. Umm… France = big vacation.
And I have to read that article about female singers not being sexy and getting the boot. Yes, as females, everything is about sexuality all the time. SIGH.

Good point, Pan! I gotta start working on my elbow-jabbing reflexes. :D

Pam: YES, mirrored elevators are the worst — they make for the most awkward situations!

Tweet: Haha, kinda makes you wonder what qualifies as a medium vacation, huh?

haha. you should have turned around and said “I fry france frequently”

seriously… if i was her i would settle just a day or two in Hong Kong or Singapore. i kinda feel sorry for the guy… hahaha. i would have burst out laughing too… :P

hahahaha….it’s always a vacation visiting your blog, Lynn! …I wrill fry here roften now :)

[…] This might even be wierder than some of the things that have happened to Lynn, but she might have some new stories to beat this one by now (she does). […]

Hee hee. Emo Spidey really likes dancing with his hips too. :) I agree- it was hard not to laugh whenever he went “bad.”

Ew. Just went and read that article. BARF. To me, the pussycat dolls are just scary.

oh my gawd that was so funny remind me of filipina girls too.

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