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It Makes You Speed

Posted on: June 20, 2007

A motorcycle ran into my car this morning, leaving a nice 5 inch-long dent on my bumper. While waiting for the insurance guys to show up, I noticed her shirt. At first I thought it was a regular Coca Cola-themed shirt and didn’t really pay much attention. Then I took a closer look. Oh, how I erred! On it, it declared:

“Enjoy Cocaine…
It makes you speed!”

Sure does make you speed all right!

Yeah, speed smack center into the rear of other people’s cars. Man.

In other news, my 3rd year of dental school has started (nearly halfway there, thank God), and in between reading for General Pathology, General Microbiology, Dental Microbiology, Oral Immunology, Dental Materials, Occlusion I, and Oral Pathology, I have concluded that I am now officially nerdalicious. Like, Beyonce and Fergie!

Sort of.

Yeah, it’s all about being nerdalicious, baby. Or so I try to tell myself when strolling into class in the early morning, my breakfast recently ingested, only to be faced with (*** WARNING! Do not click if easily squeamish! *** WARNING! Do not click if prone to esophageal reflux! *** WARNING! Do not click if you plan on eating in the next hour! ***) THIS being projected onto the wall before me a gazillion times over.

I have nothing more to say, except to point out that THAT’S why you should always brush your teeth before you go to bed, kiddies. Well, that and avoid phenytoin, cyclosporine, or calcium channel blockers if possible…but the former has a nicer ring to it.


Currently Playing: New Shoes by the very talented Paolo Nutini. I love this song. It’s like the Temptations and Elvis had a love child and out popped Paolo Nutini, whose Scottish accent, I gotta note, is verra cute. Oh, and did I mention the boy is only 19?!

Currently Obsessing Over: The BBC drama, North & South, based on the Victorian novel of the same name by Wives & Daughters author Elizabeth Gaskell. Came across this entirely by accident, and thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did! I can honestly say that if you like Pride & Prejudice, you’ll love this, too — maybe even more. :) This adaptation is absolute perfection; I think it’s ruined me for other period dramas and films (not that I’m complaining!).

Indulge in more N&S pimping here.

9 Responses to "It Makes You Speed"

ok i just ate so i aint gonna click.

lynn, your freak-magnetism must have attracted that coked-up wrecking machine right into your bumper! =(

damn cokeheads. that’s why they should do heroin instead. O_o

aw… poor u. they shouldn’t speed. i mean i hate driving in bkk because of these fast motorcycle riders who think they’re the best riders in the whole freaking world… and taxis too… hate them! *sigh*

Hmm.. I was just talking about how often I put off going to the dentist…. just had garlic for lunch… I need a mint and need to keep a good distance from my students…. oh and you’ve been tagged – check out my blog for details!

oof, glad to hear that you are alright!

cheers for getting through with the first 3 years. The first part is most of the time the difficult part to get through. Hopefully time flies soon for you.

I love the song new shoes, I have been keeping this one on repeat on my computer :)

See, I look at those pictures and think… “why do you want to be a dentist!?” URG. That just looks painful. And wrong. Wrong. Wrong and painful.


Thanks for the link!
I had to click because you said not to.
6 years of dental school. That is either a very long time of very fun of you love school I guess.

That’s lovely. I thought I was good at making scary stuff up for my scary and nasty SF plagues and horror stories, but it just goes to show you how nasty the real world can be.

So, like, is that curable?

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