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Remember that One Thanksgiving, When There Was a Coup?

Posted on: November 27, 2008

So the news on the streets is that another coup is in the works.  Only time will tell, however, if this will help serve as a temporary fix, or just screw things up even more than before.

A lot has changed since I last blogged.  A couple of months ago, no one could have cared less what you wore.  Now, the color of your shirt can determine if you’re friend or foe (or human punching bag).

Back when Samak was in office, the PAD were all the rage, mostly because everyone was all about kicking the loud-mouthed, straight-talking PM out of office.  A few months later, and now it’s de rigueur to bitch about the PAD.

Thanks to the PAD’s latest airport-paralyzing move, my friend’s cousin, who was in a brutal car accident in Surat-thani, can’t be flown back to Bangkok for proper medical care and instead lies in a coma in an inept hospital down south with a fractured skull, broken ribs and broken arm.

My other friend’s brother has a surgical licensing exam that he has to take tomorrow morning at 8 am.  He was originally scheduled to fly to Bangkok from Yala, where he’s a medical resident, and arrive here today.  Now he’s scrambling for express train tickets to Bangkok, which would get him here at 6 am and with 2 hours to make it to the testing center.

The only problem is that all the express train tickets are sold.  My friend’s brother is going to miss the exam, and as a result, won’t be able to become licensed to legally practice surgery.

In contrast, the way my life has been affected by the PAD’s latest moves is pretty petty.  Because the idiots decided to park themselves in front of the government buildings along Changwattana Road and the old Don Muang airport, a normally 40-minute drive to the university now takes me an hour and a half…and translates into me waking up at 5:30 on the mornings I have class at 8.

So, yeah, it sure is de rigueur to bitch about the PAD nowadays.  I’m proud to say, however, that I was bitching about them way before it was trendy to do so.

Those fools wouldn’t know genuine democracy if it hit them in the ass.

2 Responses to "Remember that One Thanksgiving, When There Was a Coup?"

Welcome back to the blog. It’s great to see you writing again, but of course the subject matter for today isn’t so pleasant!!!

I really do hope your friend’s cousin will be okay, and I’m really feeling bad for your other friend’s brother. Don’t those people even have any consideration with regards to other ppl? And don’t they dare give me that “there must be some sacrifices in order to move the country forward” crap. From where I’m standing, the country isn’t moving forward, and all they’re doing is giving the country such a bad name!!!

I guess the way my life is now affected by this isn’t as drastic as your friends’ families. But the fact that my mom’s in china right now and she’s supposed to fly back here on Sat night is really enough of a reason for my frustration!!! oh well, at least i find comfort in knowing that she’s there with an aunt who has a daughter in Beijing right now. So worse comes to worst, she’ll be able to stay there for at least another while before things resolve here.

And i do hope it will resolve in a peaceful way. If anything happens, seriously, i’d scream if PAD’s leaders would try to come out and say that it’s not their fault. What’s happened to responsibility, accountability… common sense… in this country??

PS. sorry for the ranting on your comment space. ^^% I did say I was going to stay away from political stuff on my blog. . . but if this continues any longer, I might have to change my mind about that.

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