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You Know You’re a Dental Student When…

Posted on: January 16, 2009

  • Your idea of a nightmare involves your teeth falling out.  Dreams about ghosts or getting shot are soo overrated.
  • You can’t help it when your gaze inadvertently drops about 3 inches south of a person’s eyes when you speak to them, even though you know it makes people feel uncomfortable, like how talking to a totally random person who just happens to be a psychologist makes you paranoid that they’re psychoanalyzing you.
  • It’s even worse if said person has chipped/crooked/crowded/stained/restored teeth because all you can think about is how much nicer they’d look if they got a nice set of veneers.
  • You’ve gotten really good at applying liquid eyeliner and eye makeup in general because hours upon hours of drilling teeth has taught you how to have a super steady hand.
  • You used to freak out whenever your clinical instructor would tell you to drill 0.5 mm deeper.  Now you’ve gotten so used to itty-bitty measurements that 1 mm might as well be a kilometer long in your book.
  • You pass the time at boring dinner parties and social functions by analyzing what type of occlusion everyone has…and how best to fix it.

  • 24/7 has taken on a whole new meaning now, because with your 7-day schedule you find yourself spending more time at the university clinic than you do at your own home.
  • You get a serious guilt-trip if you go to bed without brushing your teeth.
  • Which is why, no matter how tired you are, you’ve gotta run that brush over those teeth at least a few times.
  • You used to think you had a pretty nice set of teeth, until you learned about malocclusion in orthodontics II and discovered the crossbite on your left upper second premolar.
  • Dental school has stressed you out so much that you’ve developed nocturnal bruxism.  (Bye-bye cusps, hello attrition.)
  • You have tiny cuts, scabs, and burns scattered all over your fingers from all the little accidents you’ve had in the lab.
  • You don’t flinch at the sight of gingival hyperplasia anymore, although once upon a time it used to make you want to hurl.
  • You wouldn’t touch sodas or sugary drinks with a 10-foot pole.
  • (But that doesn’t mean that chocolate is banned.  Chocolate would never be banned in your book, even if you were a raging diabetic.)
  • When stuck in traffic, you find yourself glancing over at a neighboring driver’s profile just to analyze what type of Angle Class they are.
  • When you see a person with a perfect set of teeth, you can’t help but wonder if it’s natural or the  result of some really flawless crowns.
  • To you, teeth is the equivalent of dental porn.


The End.


Currently Playing: My Delirium by Ladyhawke, who, mark my words, is the Next Best Thing in the indie pop/new wave scene.  Her anthemic melodies are charged with choruses that just beg to be sung at the top of your lungs.  I absolutely LOVE this girl’s music.  Other songs of note are Magic and Paris is Burning.

Currently Reading: A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander, but mostly Contemporary Fixed Prosthodontics, because I’m a nerd, in case this post wasn’t indicative enough.

7 Responses to "You Know You’re a Dental Student When…"

Dental porn hmm? Now I know what turns Khun Lynn on haha! Loving your theme here :) And glad you’re back to blogging, sort of! Keep it up! I have been wanting to rekindle the ranting too :X

OK totally unrelated but dang it I was gonna use your theme for my new WordPress blog…

Just dropping by.Btw, you website have great content!

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Hi Lynn,

Just dropping by to say hi!!! Dentistry, eh! If you open up a practice in Bangkok let me know… I’m one of those unfortunate people who always have some work to do on their teeth. :-/

Anyway, hope all is well!!!!



Love the post. I am a dental manufacturer rep and I find myself getting dorky sometimes and I’m not even a dentist. Good luck! And BTW, I drink way too much Diet Pepsi. Total junkie

очень интересно

I like reading through an article that will make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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