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I hate spiders.

Most phobias are a result of a single traumatic event in a person’s past, but I honestly can’t remember the first time I started hating spiders; I personally think it was ingrained in me from birth.  My Buddhist mother jokes that I was probably killed by one in my last life, hence the instinctive fear/hatred.  All I know is that eight legs is WAY too many limbs for one single creature.  We humans get along just fine with two, why can’t arachnids learn to do the same?  Step up to the plate, buddy!  IT’S CALLED EVOLUTION.

I first knew I had an irrational fear of spiders when I was in the 3rd grade.  We had to read Charlotte’s Web, and while I loved (and still do love) reading and books in general, the thought of reading Charlotte’s Web made me want to hurl.  Mrs. Lynch made us take turns reading passages from out of the book, but this was inconceivable to me because, hello, I could barely bring myself to even grasp the book.  I mean, have you SEEN that thing?  Charlotte’s eight-legged ass is printed in full splendor on not only the front cover, but also the BACK!!!

Charlotte and Her Horrific Web

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So the news on the streets is that another coup is in the works.  Only time will tell, however, if this will help serve as a temporary fix, or just screw things up even more than before.

A lot has changed since I last blogged.  A couple of months ago, no one could have cared less what you wore.  Now, the color of your shirt can determine if you’re friend or foe (or human punching bag).

Back when Samak was in office, the PAD were all the rage, mostly because everyone was all about kicking the loud-mouthed, straight-talking PM out of office.  A few months later, and now it’s de rigueur to bitch about the PAD.

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The mirrored elevators at Siam Paragon bug me to no end. Not only does it make for a sorta/kinda awkward situation when everyone in the elevator is looking ahead and trying to not look at the reflection of the person standing next to them, but it also reveals for everyone in the elevator to see if you’ve committed a faux pas or not.

[In the elevator at Siam Paragon]

How come you no take me for vacation?

Because I’m busy with work.

Why we not go for small vacation?
We go for few day only.

Maybe a short vacation to Hong Kong or Singapore?

(shakes head)
No, no, no.
Not Asia.
I want to fry to France!

(elbows Lynn hard)

(bursts out laughing)

(stares ahead with nary an expression on his face)

(glowers at Lynn in mirrored elevator)

(stares meekly at shoes)

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Gotta pimp my girl Jup’s recently launched blog — Jup’s Pintoh — because not only does it have such pretty pictures of food, but nobody else knows Bangkok cuisine quite like Jup does. For reals.


Bua tagged me ages ago, so without further ado, here I go!



  1. Unlike the rest of the world (and my favorite Gilmore girls, Lorelai and Rory), I absolutely cannot stand coffee. Just the thought of drinking it makes me want to hurl. Dude, just TYPING about thinking of drinking coffee makes me want to hurl. This is why, whenever I hang at Starbucks or any random cafe, I usually go for some hot chocolate, iced tea, or a chilly frappuccino instead. Weirdly enough, I actually like the smell of coffee verra much, though. Not so sure why, but one possible reason could be because it reminds me of my dad; one of my earliest memories is of him reading to me with a cup of steaming hot java in his left hand.
  2. I have a great fascination for the Regency era, whether it be fashion, literature (hello, Jane Austen), architecture, art, anything. Of course, despite my great love for all things Regency, this doesn’t mean I’d like to be transplanted to the 1820’s; I don’t want to drop dead from smallpox or implode from wearing a corset, thank you very much.
  3. Sure, malls are great places to shoe-$hop, but for me, they’re also excellent places to people-watch.

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One of the things I love best about this time of year is that when “winter” blows into town the mechanical drone of the air-conditioners disappear, the windows burst open, and lo and behold, will you take a whiff of that? Nothing but cool, crisp air all around you!

Well, as cool and crisp as you can possibly get in tropical, vehicle-congested Bangkok, that is.

But when you live in the suburbs of the ‘Kok, your winter air actually IS a little crisper. And when you sit outside on your balcony and look out over the lake, you can almost fool yourself into thinking that maybe, just maybe, you’re not in one of the hottest tropical countries in the world but in, oh, I don’t know, some lakeside hideout in the south of France or whatever.

So you sit back with your dental anatomy book in hand and kick your feet up. Feel that cool breeze! Feel that luscious sunshiney warmth! For two precious weeks of the year, you don’t shy away from it; instead, that glorious ball of warmth is actually…pleasant. And not the festering bearer of untolerable, stifling heat it normally is.

You start reading about permanent mandibular lateral incisors and smile. Tres chaude! In more ways than one.

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So it’s the third day of the New Term and here I am in the computer room at the IC, trying to waste time before Neurology lab starts in an hour.  Goi sleeps passed out in the common room next to me, which goes to show how totally brutal the New Term is determined to be (three inches worth of lecture notes already; aren’t we just totally lucky?).  The guy who used the computer before me forgot to shut down his browser and I’m quite surprised to learn that he is a Facebooker from Boston U and quite the looker.  Then I wonder if this is some sign from above that I should hang out at Facebook more often. 

A group of Thai students next to me is trying to communicate with the Taiwanese students in front of them, and so far it’s proved unsuccessful; the Thai students can only say xie xie and the Taiwanese students can only say khob khun krub, making me think, Oh well, at least they’re all thankful.  A Japanese couple sitting at the front of the room launches into full-on bickering mode just as a French guy starts talking American politics with his British friend behind me.  I sit here surrounded by all these worldly tongues, fascinated and totally at home. 

Suddenly, an American guy strolls in and asks the room, “So who’s up for that Halloween party at Jake’s tonight?”, and just as my ears perk, I remember that I have class early tomorrow morning and three goddamn inches of lecture notes screaming for my attention, and I realize, Damn, no Halloween party could possibly get any scarier than thisBoo!

Happy Halloween!

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