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The Girl

Student by day and wannabe writer by night, I’m currently a 5th-year dental student living in the Land of Smiles.

When I’m not blogging, I love to gorge on music, snap photos, kick it with my friends, travel, loiter in bookstores, $hoe-$hop, people-watch, learn about new cultures, go fine-dining, and most importantly, read and write. Unfortunately, the latter two are something of an unhealthy obsession.

Don’t ask me where I’m from because I will probably end up staring blankly at you as even I have yet to figure that out. But if you care about the details, I was born in the US, shuffled across four American states, transplanted to Bangkok when I was eleven, and now can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world. I’m Teo Chew Chinese to the bone, but would probably end up crying if thrown into a one-on-one speaking contest with a 3-year-old Chinese kid.  To put things in perspective, my French, which is appallingly bad already, is eons away from my command of Teo Chew or Mandarin.

I guess it doesn’t help that my mother swears I was Irish in my last life. Go figure. ;)

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Was browsing around and discovered youy site via “Mr waiter guy”. I won’t ask you where your from, but I’ll be back to see where your goin.

brain farts.. the title kills me, LOL

Lynn, cherie, your zee franche language wazz– ‘ow do I zhay? Quite impressif en lycee, ca veut dire– zee ‘igh school. Zee madame Beatrice ‘und zee monsieur Biais ‘ave zee much pride in you.
Oh and if you’re looking for fun teen music in French (aka French pre-K-Fed B. Spears)– check out Lori, esp her song “A vingt ans” — she’s my fav!!!
Adieu ma chere zee dentiste et ecrivain. J’adore ton blog: Les pets du cerveau :)

Have you read Pico Iyer? Some of what you wrote about reminded me of his, let’s say, rhaposodizing in _The Global Soul_. While I think he rhapsodizes a mite too much sometimes in that book, which I’m just now still plodding through, it’s worth a brief look, I think.

Wow, no, I haven’t, but thanks for the recommendation! I looked him up and his stuff sounds amazing.

Hey! I found your site via a google seach for my own and saw that you linked to me! Thank you very much! I really appreciate your suppot. I like your blog by the way, it also seems mush more succesful than mine as far as comments go! Good luck in dntal school and hopefully I can be of help to you even though I am only a first year…better yet, you should help my site with comments and by joining my forum! Thanks and hopefully we will hear from you soon!

/back to anatomy :(

I think You are Beautiful and I like what you say.
love and kisses from the Caribbean…


the title is pretty much what brought me here, can’t even remember how I got here…(that’s happened more times than I’d like to admit) but enjoying it just the same…


Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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